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Steinbeck Essays (952 words) - Dust Bowl, U.S. Route 66,

Steinbeck John Steinbeck A Common's Man ?I never composed two books the same?, once said John Steinbeck (Shaw, 10). That might be valid, yet I feel that he composed a considerable lot of his books and short stories dependent on a large number of similar perspectives. He frequently centered around social issues, similar to ?those who are well off? stanzas ?the poor, and made the peruser need to energize the dark horse. Steinbeck's back ground and worry for the regular man made him perhaps the best essayist for human rights. John Steinbeck was conceived in Salians, California and went through a large portion of his time on earth there or around Salians, in light of that he frequently demonstrated his accounts and the characters around the land he cherished and the encounters he experienced. He lived in Salians until 1919, when he left for Stanford University, he just joined up with the courses that satisfied him - writing, experimental writing and studying Marine Biology. He left in 1925, without a degree. Despite the fact that he didn't graduate his books indicated the aftereffects of his five years spent there. His books show an impressive perusing of the Greek and Roman history specialists, and the medieval and Renaissance fabalists and the natural sciences (Shaw 11). He at that point moved to New York and attempted his hand as a development laborer and as a journalist for the American. (Covici , xxxv). Steinbeck at that point moved back to California and lived with his better half at Pacific Grove. I n 1934, he composed for the San Franciso News, he was alloted to compose a few articles about the 3,000 vagrants overwhelmed in at Kings County. The situation of the transient specialists spurred him to help and report their battle. The cash he earned from the paper permitted him to go to their home and see why their explanation behind leaving and ventured out to California with them, partaking in with their hardships (Steinbeck, 127). Since John Steinbeck had the option to go with the Okies, he had the option to precisely depict them and their battles. Each book that he composed had settings in the spots where he has either lived or needed to live. He introduced the land as it might have been. The characters in his accounts experienced floods, dry spell, and other catastrophic events, while in the Salians Valley (Shaw, 5). What Steinbeck composed was genuine and top to bottom. He displayed his consciousness of man and his environmental factors, in his initial books, before individu als ate, a pig must be butchered, and frequently that and before they ate, it must be cooked. Likewise when a vehicle stalled, the characters needed to discover parts, and fixed it themselves (Shaw, 13). Numerous individuals consider that John Steinbeck books are records of social history. His books are the historical backdrop of plain individuals and society all in all, a considerable lot of his books concentrated on the Great Depression, Social Prejudice, religion, and the vehicle (Rundell, 4). He might be considered as a Sentimentalist, in view of his interests for the regular man, human qualities, for warmth and love and comprehension. The social significance of his works uncovers him as a reformer (Covici, xxii). In his novel The Pastures of Heaven, Steinbeck raises the issues of Japanese Americans fitting into social gatherings, and in East of Eden, he inspects the issues of insightful and taught Chinese-Americans in the California setting. John Steinbeck just once genuinely considers the issues of Negroes in Society. Convicts, the helper in Of Mice and Men, was an untouchable and never predetermine to fit into the by and large white society of farming. In addition to the fact that Steinbeck recognized the - issues of minorities and racial bias, he likewise referenced class preference. The distinction between ?the wealthy? stanzas ?those who lack wealth? was raised in the novel, The Grapes of Wrath, for the most part the individuals who had any monetary steadiness loathed the Okies, who had none. Proprietors abhorred the Okies in light of the fact that they were delicate and the Okies were solid, additionally the vendors detested them in light of the fact that the Okies had no cash to spend in their stores (Bowden, 12). The Grapes of Wrath presents these issues as an epic and summarizes the surrender all expectations regarding the mid 1930's. The Joads experience: love, fraternity, respectability, class dread, force, savagery, and

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System Analysis and Design Bec Part 1 Answers

1. What characteristics have prompted BEC’s achievement up until this point? I think the most remarkable quality that has prompted BEC's prosperity is their capacity to adjust to change. The organization appears to be dynamic and it appears as though they notice inclines and adjust the business to meet these patterns. The organization is additionally effective on the grounds that they have such incredible collaboration and extraordinary administration running the organization 2. Is the IS association at BEC ready to embrace huge frameworks improvement soon? Yes.The organization has developed and is proceeding to develop so they should move towards another IS framework. They are going to need to refresh to keep with the interest of online rentals. 3. What explicit administration abilities do frameworks investigators at BEC need? The expert is going to require chance administration so as to have the option to forsee what could turn out badly during the venture and attempt to for estall or react to the harm that is caused. The investigator will likewise require change the board to enable the clients to progress onto this new framework. . What explicit relational abilities do frameworks examiners at BEC need? The framework expert will require relational aptitudes with the goal that they can convey unmistakably and viably what should be practiced to the group. 5. What explicit zones of authoritative information do frameworks investigators at BEC need? The investigator should know the organizations objectives and statement of purpose. They will likewise need to know the arrangements and methodology with the goal that they can plan a framework that meets these.

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The Relevancy that Zionism Possess in the Arab-Israeli Conflict Free Essays

Official Summary Thð µ struggle bð µtwð µÃ° µn thð µ Israð µlis and thð µ Palð µstinians was a consð µquð µncð µ of onð µ of thð µ generally superb and crð µativð µ movð µmð µnts of thð µ last cð µntury: modð µrn Zionism. A hundrð µd yð µars prior, somð µ of thð µ most essential Ð µlð µmð µnts in thð µ Jð µwish people group all ovð µr thð µ world attð µmptð µd to join thð µ modð µrn world by rð µjð µcting thð µ detachment of thð µir ancið µnt mð µssianic rð µligion. Thð µ Zionists imagined that Jð µws would achið µvð µ a sort of rð µdð µmption by cð µasing to bð µ diffð µrð µnt from and pð µrsð µcutð µd by thð µ countries of thð µ world. We will compose a custom exposition test on The Relevancy that Zionism Possess in the Arab-Israeli Conflict or then again any comparative theme just for you Request Now Somð µhow, thð µy thought, thð µ inð µvitablð µ inconveniences and clashes with thð µ Arabs would bð µ rð µsolvð µd. Thð µ Jð µws would discover pð µacð µ and accð µptancð µ in thð µ land whð µrð µ thð µir ancð µstors had oncð µ fashionð µd thð µir rð µligion and culturð µ. Be that as it may, it was not to bð µ. Instð µad, from its vð µry bð µginning to this vð µry day, Zionism has confrontð µd a cð µntury of war. This papð µr talk about thð µ issuð µ of Jð µws on thð µ place where there is Palð µstinð µ is vð µry complð µx. Thð µ patriots bð µlið µvð µ that thð µ Jð µwish pð µoplð µ will bð µ Ð µndangð µrð µd unlð µss thð µir basð µ is rð µ-Ð µstablishð µd in thð µir ancið µnt homð µland. In this way nð µithð µr gathering can Ð µvð µr award thð µ ultimatð µ Palð µstinian dð µmand that thð µ Jð µws cð µasð µ thð µir aggrð µssion and go Ð µlsð µwhð µrð µ. Modð µrn Zionism bð µgan with thð µ vision of a â€Å"normalizð µd† Jð µwish pð µoplð µ, a country among countries that would bð µ part of thð µ world starting at right. Thð µ most significant Jð µwish dð µmand is thð µrð µforð µ that at thð µ Ð µnd of thð µ pð µacð µ procð µss, thð µ Arabs agrð µÃ° µ that thð µ Jð µws’ Ð µxistð µncð µ in thð µ rð µgion is pð µrmanð µnt and can nð µvð µr again bð µ quð µstionð µd. Thð µ Rð µlð µvancy that Zionism Possð µss in thð µ Arab-Israð µli Conflict Thð µ struggle bð µtwð µÃ° µn Zionism and thð µ Arab statð µs has bð µÃ° µn thð µ focal point of intð µrnational attð µntion sincð µ thð µ Ð µnd of World War I. It was a subjð µct of major concð µrn to thð µ old Lð µaguð µ of Nations; aftð µr World War II, it was onð µ of thð µ first disputð µs in which thð µ Unitð µd Nations (U.N.) was involvð µd. For some yð µars, it was a factor in thð µ Cold War bð µtwð µÃ° µn thð µ Sovið µt Union and thð µ Wð µst. (Smith, 1992) Morð µ than a large portion of a dozð µn spð µcial U.N. associations havð µ bð µÃ° µn crð µatð µd to dð µal with thð µ circumstance. (Rð µich, Ð µt al., 1996) Thð µ strife has cð µntð µrð µd on thð µ strugglð µ bð µtwð µÃ° µn Zionism, or Jð µwish patriotism, and Arab patriotism for control of Palð µstinð µ. (Yonah, 1973) It has involvð µd not just thð µ Jð µwish and Arab occupants of Palð µstinð µ yet in addition thð µir rð µspð µctivð µ supportð µrs around thð µ world, that is, both Jð µwish and non-Jð µwish advocatð µs of a Jð µwish statð µ and thð µ 21 mð µmbð µrs of thð µ Arab Lð µaguð µ and thð µir supportð µrs all through thð µ Islamic and numerous Third World countries. (Lð µsch Tschirgi, 1998) Palð µstinð µ didn't Ð µxist as a sð µparatð µ political Ð µntity until Grð µat Britain took ovð µr thð µ nation at thð µ Ð µnd of World War I. From 1517 until 1918, Palð µstinð µ was a piece of thð µ Ottoman Еmpirð µ. (Lð µsch Tschirgi, 1998) Prior to thð µ Ottoman Ð µra, thð µ nation had part of rulð µrs. Jð µwish, and latð µr Zionist, cases to Palð µstinð µ dð µrivð µ from scriptural records of ancið µnt Hð µbrð µw tribð µs and Israð µlitð µ realms that Ð µxistð µd in thð µ nation. (Smith, 1992) Palð µstinð µ is likewise critical to Christianity and Islam. Jð µsus Christ was conceived and dið µd in Palð µstinð µ and livð µd the vast majority of his lifð µ thð µrð µ. Palð µstinð µ bð µcamð µ an Arab and Islamic nation somð µ 1,300 yð µars prior whð µn tribð µs from thð µ Arabian pð µninsula conquð µrð µd it during thð µir swð µÃ° µp through thð µ Middlð µ Еast aftð µr thð µ dð µath of thð µ Prophð µt Muhammad. (Frð µÃ° µdman, 1979) Thð µ Arab-Israð µli strife originatð µd in thð µ contð µst among Еuropð µan powð µrs to control thð µ Arab tð µrritorið µs of thð µ Ottoman Еmpirð µ. Exactly at thð µ timð µ that Arabs bð µgan to dð µvð µlop thð µir own sð µnsð µ of patriotism, thð µy discovered thð µir drð µams contð µstð µd by Еuropð µan aspirations and by thð µ countð µrclaims of thð µ nð µw Jð µwish patriot movð µmð µnt that arosð µ in Еuropð µ. Notwithstanding fð µaring Еuropð µan expansionism, rð µsidð µnts of Arab provincð µs bð µgan to fð µar thð µ Zionist movð µmð µnt. (Smith, 1992) A sð µnsð µ of Jð µwish patriotism was Ð µmð µrging in Еuropð µ in thð µ 1880s, in rð µaction to dð µÃ° µp-sð µatð µd against Sð µmitism and to thð µ trouble that Jð µws facð µd acclimatizing into Еuropð µan socið µty. Zionists fð µlt that Jð µws couldn't bð µ completely accð µptð µd in Еuropð µ and that thð µy nð µÃ° µdð µd to rulð µ thð µir own indð µpð µndð µnt statð µ. In spite of the fact that Zionism attractð µd limitð µd support in thð µ formativð µ pð µriod, Jð µwish migration to Palð µstinð µ from 1882 to 1914 incrð µasð µd thð µ numbð µr of Jð µwish rð µsidð µnts from 6 pð µrcð µnt to 10 pð µrcð µnt of thð µ populace thð µrð µ. (Smith, 1992) Thð µ World Zionist Organization (WZO), foundð µd in 1897 (Lð µsch Tschirgi, 1998), assistð µd workers and purchased land with thð µ point of crð µating a Jð µwish statð µ in Palð µstinð µ. Whð µn thð µ Palð µstinian rð µsidð µnts protð µstð µd against thð µsð µ political points, thð µ Ottoman rulð µrs trið µd to rð µstrict Jð µwish movement and purchasð µ of land. (Nð µff, 1995)â This Jð µwish patriotism clashð µd with thð µ patriotism of thð µ Palð µstinian Arabs, who comprisð µd 90 pð µrcð µnt of thð µ rð µsidð µnts. (Smith, 1992) Thð µ Arabs’ bittð µrnð µss ovð µr thð µ Palð µstinians’ fatð µ bð µgan to bð µ matchð µd by Zionist antagonistic vibe toward British rulð µ at thð µ Ð µnd of thð µ 1930s. (Nð µff, 1995) Although thð µ official Zionist lð µadð µrship dð µcidð µd not to Ð µngagð µ in armð µd strugglð µ against British rulð µ whilð µ Britain was battling Hitlð µr’s Gð µrmany, somð µ Zionist splintð µr bunches wagð µd a crusade of tð µrrorism against thð µ compulsory organization, Ð µvð µn during World War II. (Davidson, 1996) Aftð µr thð µ war Ð µndð µd, official Zionist-British rð µlations in Palð µstinð µ dð µtð µrioratð µd into a tð µnsð µ, and somð µtimð µs violð µnt, showdown. (Frð µÃ° µdman, 1979) World War II lð µd to a groundswð µll of help in thð µ Unitð µd Statð µs and Еuropð µ for a Jð µwish statð µ, as a rð µsult of stun at thð µ Nazis’ nð µar obliteration of Еuropð µan Jð µwry. (Smith, 1992) Zionists hardð µnð µd thð µir political position, demanding that thð µ Jð µwish statð µ must Ð µncompass all of Palð µstinð µ bð µcausð µ that statð µ would sð µrvð µ as thð µ havð µn for world Jð µwry. Thð µ war likewise crð µatð µd a massivð µ problð µm of displacð µd pð µrsons in Еuropð µ, ovð µr onð µ hundrð µd thousand of whom wð µrð µ Jð µws. Zionist lð µadð µrs pointð µd to thð µ lð µgal barrið µrs hindð µring thð µ migration of Jð µws to thð µ Unitð µd Statð µs and othð µr countrið µs, and emphatically supportð µd thð µ rð µcommð µndation of thð µ Anglo-Amð µrican Committð µÃ° µ of Inquiry in 1946 that thosð µ onð µ hundrð µd thousand Holocaust survivors sð µttlð µ in Palð µstinð µ. (Smith, 1992) Thð µ loss of Palð µstinð µ Ð µmbittð µrð µd Arabs against thð µ Еuropð µan frontier powð µrs that had carvð µd up thð µir land and aidð µd Zionism. (Yonah, 1973) But thð µ dð µfð µat additionally lð µd to sð µlf-analysis. Middle Easterner pð µoplð µs dð µnouncð µd thð µir rulð µrs for debasement, and Arab soldið µrs dð µnouncð µd thð µir military officð µrs for incompð µtð µncð µ. (Wagnð µr, 2003) Thð µ Zionist charactð µr of thð µ statð µ of Israð µl has rð µmainð µd thð µ major cornð µrstonð µ of thð µ Palð µstinian-Israð µli strife sincð µ 1948. (Gilland, 2003) As such it must bð µ undð µrstood if any mð µaningful, reasonable and only answer for thð µ strife is to bð µ considð µrð µd. Thð µ Zionism of Israð µl’s charactð µr has rð µmainð µd fundamentally a sð µcular Jð µwish patriotism; by dð µfinition, it has to do with thð µ Jð µwish pð µoplð µ. (Stð µrnhð µll, 2004) Thð µ Palð µstinian position has nð µvð µr rð µally bð µÃ° µn facð µd by thð µ Israð µlis and thð µir supportð µrs all through thð µ world. Zionists, both in Israð µl and abroad, arð µ Ð µssð µntially Wð µstð µrnð µrs who bð µlið µvð µ that problð µms havð µ discerning arrangements and that agð µ-old rð µligious or patriot quarrð µls can ultimatð µly bð µ solvð µd by compromisð µ. (Lð µsch Tschirgi, 1998) Zionism has bð µÃ° µn a grð µat succð µss and a grð µat failurð µ. (Gilland, 2003) Thð µ succð µss is thð µ crð µation of a viablð µ Jð µwish Statð µ with a populace that includð µs practically half thð µ world’s Jð µws. (Mattair, 1992) Thð µ failurð µ is that it has provokð µd Arab Ð µnmity to such a dð µgrð µÃ° µ, that a military dð µfð µat of Israð µl woul

Lord of the Flies vs. A Separate Peace Essay Example for Free

Master of the Flies versus A Separate Peace Essay In the World Book Dictionary, envy is characterized as being in a desirous condition or feeling. Many can identify with this inclination, since they have by and by experienced envy previously. In spite of the fact that these individuals may share a comparable inclination, the way every individual follows up on his/her inclination is extraordinary. Some simply overlook their envious inclination, trusting that it would rapidly leave so they can go on with their day by day lives. Others become so overpowered that they really may follow up on their feelings, expecting that their activity would cause them to feel better. For the most part, the opposite happens. The individual doesn't rest easy thinking about himself; rather, harsh sentiments, lost regard, or even lost kinship are regular results. In the books Lord of the Flies by William Golding and A Separate Peace by John Knowles, the characters Jack and Gene both experience desirously towards someone else, and their activities, inspirations, and sentiments all circumnavigate around envy. In Lord of the Flies, when Jack understands that Ralph will get boss, he thoroughly changes and turns into the rival. As a matter of first importance, Jack carries on his desire by endeavoring to hurt Ralph. In spite of the fact that Jacks plan to execute Ralph is ineffective, Ralph is still near death. In the novel, the peruser realizes that Jack is plotting to murder Ralph on the grounds that Samneric illuminates Ralph, Theyre going to chase you tomorrow[Jack] honed a stick at the two finishes. When Samneric reports that Jack honed a stick at the two finishes, they infer that Jacks religion intends to behead Ralph and stick the prized ownership on a finish of the stick as it did to the sow. Jack wants to utilize the head as a contribution for the Beastie, an anecdotal beast that the young men accept frequents the island. As expressed previously, Jack chooses to make a faction from his inspirations that emerge in light of his envy. In addition, since Jack realizes that Ralph is continually going to be chosen boss regardless of how often the gathering of young men vote, Jack begins his own tribe and chooses himself as boss. At the point when he does this, he straightforwardly tells his associates, Anyone who needs to chase when I do can come as well. By expressing this, he is basically convincing individuals to help his accomplishment. As Jack designs the passing of Ralph, he doesn't feel any feeling of regret or blame for plotting to slaughter his old companion. Jack is recently energized that there will be a major chase for Ralph. Quality likewise changes radically in A Separate Peace after he understands that he will never be as athletic as Finny. Finny has consistently had the option to achieve objectives and accomplishments that nobody else can reach. Besides, Gene gets envious. In light of his avarice, Gene hurts Finny by [taking] a stage toward [Finny], and afterward [Genes] knees bowed and [Gene] bumped the appendage. Quality does this so rapidly that he doesn't understand the results in jolting the tree appendage. He doesn't have the foggiest idea about that his activity would influence the remainder of Finnys life. In contrast to Jack however, Gene doesn't look for the help of his companions. All Gene needs is for Finny to comprehend that Gene didn't hurt Finny intentionally, and he is enormously grieved. Be that as it may, when Gene endeavors to disclose this to Finny, Finny just gets over it and attempts to persuade Gene in any case. He says, I dont know, I should have quite recently lost my parity. It more likely than not been thatI simply fell. Another distinction is that after Gene shakes the appendage and makes Finny fall and break his leg, he feels regretful about his demonstration of envy. Quality really goes up to Finny various occasions to clarify that Gene was really the person who made Finny break his leg, however Finny doesn't tune in. Finny just adamantly adheres to his motivation to [being] cumbersome and not watching where [he] was venturing. Eventually, Gene is drenched with distress and blame. His jealousy for Finny not just reverse discharges; it makes interminable disgrace and regret. In the books Lord of the Flies by William Golding and A Separate Peace by John Knowles, the fundamental characters activities, inspirations, and sentiments are for the most part results of their desire towards another. Jack and Gene share the closeness of endeavoring to hurt another because of their jealous inspiration. However, they are distinctive as observed through their definitive sentiments. Both Jack and Gene try to get equivalent to their adversaries, regardless of whether they should hurt their companions to achieve self-satisfaction. At long last, Gene experiences blame while Jack can't be progressively satisfied when his recently settled family obeys him to murder Ralph. Richard Griper says all that needs to be said: Jealousy is nothing except if you follow up on it.

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Colorado’s Marijuana Legalization Policy - 550 Words

Colorado's Marijuana Legalization Policy (Essay Sample) Content: Coloradoà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s Marijuana Legalization Policy Name Institution Task Tutor Date Introduction In many countries, a number of drugs are classified as illegal and hence, any individual found guilty of using such drugs is fined and/or arraigned in a court of law. In Colorado, the case is different; citizens who are 21 years and above are allowed by law to use and possess at least an ounce of marijuana. In addition, the state has control over the sale of the drug. The legalization of the drug was made following an approval of Colorado Marijuana Legalization Amendment (Amendment 64) on November 6th in 2012 (Hubbard, 2016). This paper discusses the purpose of the policy based on a number of factors. Crime rates The main aim of the policy on legalization of Marijuana in Colorado was to improve the socio-economic life of the country. One of the positive impacts was a reduction in crime rates was. As Hubbard (2016) explains, there exists a relationship between marijuana-related businesses and a reduction in crime rates. In Coloradoà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s capital, Denver, a city known for high prevalence of marijuana businesses, the author states that the overall crime rate reduced by 2.9% in 2014. Coloradoà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s marijuana court cases were at 77% between 2012 and 2013. The Colorado court system realized that it spends a lot of money to adjudicate people arrested for possession of marijuana, roughly $300 ("Marijuana Legalization in Coloradoà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ , 2014). To cut the cost of marijuana convictsà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢ adjudication and to increase tax revenue, the court system resolved to legalize the business of marijuana. Consequently, the people of Colorado got a business opportunity which earned them some income, leading to a decrease in crime rates (Colorado and Washington, 2016). Tax revenue As mentioned above, the legal system envisioned an increase in tax revenue from the sale of marijuana in the country. By the end of May 2015, Colorado raised a total of 102 million dollars in tax collected from marijuana-related businesses. Officials in the tax department of Colorado estimated that by the end of 2015, marijuana sales would generate about 16 million dollars (Colorado and Washington, 2016). Job creation Job creation was another fruitful eventuality of legalization of marijuana in Colorado. In 2015, over 21, 000 occupational licenses were issued for jobs emerging from the marijuana industry. Between 2013 and 2014, Colorado recorded a relatively higher drop in unemployment rates, with employing growing at 3.2% as compared to 2% in the U.S. In addition, there was a decrease in marijuana use among teens. There was a margin of error drop from 22% in 2011 to 20% in 2013 (Colorado and Washington, 2016). Tourism The tourism sector enjoyed a boom season in winter last year (2015), raising a 15.5% increase in revenue. In Denver, 4.6 billion dollars were garnered from a population of 15.4 million tourists. In general, Coloradoà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s economy has been growing steadily. In August 2015, Colorado beat all the other U.S states to secure the fastest-growing economy position (Colorado and Washington, 2016). Conclusion I...

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Baptism Through Blood - Literature Essay Samples

In Part 1 of Henry IV, blood is the defining characteristic, separating the players into two distinct groups easily designated by their relationship to blood and providing the basis for the two lifestyles that Hal leads. The nobilitys obsession with blood in all of its meanings coagulates them into the first of the two groups. This blood obsession is manifested in the minds of the leading court figures, most especially those of the King, Henry IV, and Hotspur, Henry Percy. Hal is, by virtue of his seemingly inappropriate and common companions, separated from this world of blood and is fully encapsulated by a world of folly and ineptitude. This group of common thieves and truants, although accompanied by a wayward prince, compromises the second groupa group to which the term blood is to be used in farce but never to be taken seriously. From the end of Hals first scene the audience is aware of Hals desire to affect a dramatic transformation and enter the world of the nobility without the stain of his former lower class associations. Hal notes the existence of key differences between the two classes from the outset, but the epiphany that blood was the main dividing factor allowed Hal to finally realize the method of his transformation. Hal comes to the realization that he must undergo a trial in bloody battle against his main rival and the champion of the noble lifestyle, Hotspur, and emerge victorious to be absolved of his former lifestyle through a baptism in blood.For the nobility of this war torn period in English history, blood represented the most important values and troubles in society and as a monarch atop a usurped and far from stable throne, King Henry was the embodiment of these issues. The metaphor between monarch and state represented the foremost correlation in society and, thus, Henry IV and England could be seen to symbolize each other. Within this relationship of king and state the significance of blood in the troubles of the country and the m onarchy was first seen. The play begins with the lamentation of Henry over the state of England and his weak promise that no more the thirsty entrance of this soil shall daub her lips with her own childrens blood. This statement illustrates both Englands desire for domestic peace and the kings own desire to settle both national affairs and affairs within his own household. For, although Henry thinks to have achieved this overwhelming peace throughout the country at the beginning of the play he soon realizes that the countryside is still rife with fighters and domestic strife broils as the king becomes further unsatisfied with Hals lifestyle. For even as the Severns flood, [was] then affrighted with their bloody looks[and] the hollow bank [was] blood-stained with these valiant combatants the kings own son continued to ignore the state of affairs. This turbulent and bloody picture of Englands landscape speaks for the state of both the country and that of its figurehead, Henry I V, setting the scene for the series of events throughout the play.As a king desperate to look to the legitimacy of his own bloodline in justification for his seizure of the throne, Henry IV realizes the importance of Hal to the continuation of his dynasty. As Hal steadfastly refuses to take an active role in the government and its troubles, Henry wonders whether God will have it so for some displeasing service I have done, that in his secret doom, out of my blood hell breed revengement and a scourge for me. In despair, Henry looks to Hotspurs galvanizing role in the political scene, especially his key involvement in the battles throughout the country, and wonders if some switch of his blood had occurred and Hotspur may be his true son. Despite Hotspurs later rebellion against Henry, the king still hopes for some change at birththus the qualities of valor and honor that Henry sees in Hotspur could be a continuation of his own blood. Henry taunts Hal that while Hal is almost an alien to the hearts of all the court and princes of my bloodand the soul of every man prophetically do forethink thy fall that Hotspur being no more in debt to years then thou, leads ancient lords and reverend bishops on to bloody battles. With this statement, Hal realizes Hotspurs role as his main rival and the holder of that position in society which he should be seen to hold as the prince and heir to the throne.Hotspur, in his role as one of the leading treasonous rebels, looks upon a world bloodied by necessity and driven by fiery and quickened bloodhis blood washed world represent the views seen by the majority of the nobility. With every appearance of Hotspur, a dramatic picture filled with images of blood is brought to mind with his words, serving to align the two within the mind. Many mentions of Hotspur revolve around his central role in the fighting going on throughout England, and in the many bloody hours he has spent upon the field. Even outside the blood bath of bat tle, Hotspur is quick to reference his willingness to empty all these veins, and shed my dear blood drop by drop in the dust in the name of loyalty to his fellow nobility. From Hotspurs viewpoint, the world is something to be taken seriouslywith everything staked at the price of life for in the mind of Hotspur, this is no world to play with mammets and to tilt with lips. We must have bloody noses and crackd crowns.From Act I of the play, the audience is aware of Hals intention to transform his seemingly inappropriate lifestyle and to reemerge in a role as the shining prince. In juxtaposition with the nobility and Hotspur, Hals time is spent in jovial conversation with friends and real or whimsical highway robberies. In this reality without responsibility, blood is only seen playing a role of false gravityas when Hals friends falsified themselves as victims of a major robbery. Hal, when asked by Falstaff was to whether his blood thrilled at the thought of rebellious state of the country, replied not a whit, I faith, I lack some of thy instinct. When faced with the taunting threats of both his father and the state of the country, Hal realizes that his very nature must change in order for him to step up and later be able to accept the responsibility of the country with the benevolence of the nobility. Hal realizes that this change must be an acceptance of the bloody nature of the aristocracy and an assumption of the role currently held by Hotspur. Hal, thus, tells his father I will redeem all this on Percys head, and in the closing of some glorious day be bold to tell you that I am your son, when I will wear a garment all of blood, and stain my favors in a bloody mask, which washd away shall scour my shame with it.The greatest challenge Hal faces throughout the play is to effect this transformation and reenter the blood obsessed world of the nobility. Hal sees the opportunity to affect this transformation only through the bloody initiation of battle with his main rival, Hotspur, and thus usurp his place in the world of the nobility. With this objective in mind, Hal challenges an acknowledged more experienced Hotspur to single battle, realizing that the all other bloodshed is superfluous in relation to this contest in deciding the future of the country. An over-confident Hotspur, upon hearing of Hals involvement in the battle, foretells Hals sacrifice at his hands to the fire-eyd maid of smoky war all hot and bleedingthe mailed Mars shall on his [altar] sit up to the ears in blood. The two contestants accept their bloody roles in deciding the future of their country and in the control of the noble class.With Hals personal victory over Hotspur and bloody reentry into acceptance among the noble class, one wonders whether any fundamental changes really took place within Hals personal character. Through the murder of Hotspur, Hal appears to have accepted the challenge of noble bloodthat of making battle and that of accepting inherit ed responsibilities, quite a maturing process for his former self. Upon Hals sighting of his old friend Falstaffs body alongside that of Percy, Hal remarks embowelld will I see thee by and by, till then in blood by noble Percy lie which signaled a unifying factor in the blood. While the nobility may have felt that their blood designated them a breed apart from all others, this heralded Hals acknowledgment that in death, or blood, there remains no such distinction and all lie together indiscernible. This concluding unity made the noble warring and contested inheritances of Hals time all the more laughable and an important lesson for a future king to be cognizant of. This conclusion seems to the objective set forth by Shakespeare, a result of Hals insightful immersion into both groups and his realization that the end remains the same for all.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Content or Function Word Pronunciation Practice

You can improve your pronunciation by identifying which words are content words and which words are function words. Content words include main verbs, nouns, adjectives, and adverbs. Function words are necessary for grammar, but do not receive stress in spoken English. Use these exercises to help you learn how to use content and function words to help you with your pronunciation because English is a time-stressed language. In other words, the rhythm and music of English comes from stressing content words. Once youve mastered this exercise, move on to finding focus words to help you further.   Content or Function Word? First, you need to be able to immediately distinguish between content and function words. Write down C for content and F for function.   Example: magazine (C) as (F) many (F) went  with  just  quickly  the  hard  next to  CD ROM  open  had  or  information  in order to  difficult  much  exacting  in front of  Jackhe  however   Answers contentfunctionfunctioncontentfunctioncontentfunctioncontentcontentfunction or content (if helping verb - function / if main verb - content)functioncontentfunctioncontentfunctioncontentfunctioncontentfunctioncontent Content or Function? Stressed or Non-stressed? Next, take a look at the sentences and mark the words that should be stressed. Once you have decided, click on the arrow to see if you have chosen the correct words. Example: Jack (yes) went (yes) to the shop (yes) to grab (yes) some coke (yes). He had finished breakfast before I arrived.  Phillip ordered a huge steak for dinner.  They will have to stay up late if they are going to finish their homework.  It must have been something in the air that caused Jack to shout.  Could you please be more quiet?  Unfortunately, Jack wasnt able to finish on time.  As soon as he has collected the results he will post them to his website.  Peter bought shoes today.There should have been some replies by now.  Knowledge creates opportunities where none have existed before. Answers stressed content words: finished, breakfast, arrived / non-stressed function words: he, had, before, Istressed content words: Phillip, ordered, huge, steak, dinner / non-stressed function words: a, forstressed content words: stay up, late, finish, homework / non-stressed function words: they, will, have to, if, they, are going to, theirstressed content words: something, air, caused, Jack, shout / non-stressed function words: it, must have been, in, the, that, to  stressed content words: please, more, quiet / non-stressed function words: could, you, bestressed content words: unfortunately, Jack, finish, time / non-stressed function words: wasnt able to, onstressed content words: soon, collected, results, post, website / non-stressed function words: as, he, has, the, he, will, them, to, hisstressed content words: Peter, bought, shoes, today / non-stressed function words: 0stressed content words: some, replies, now / non-stressed function words: There should have been, bystressed cont ent words: knowledge, creates, opportunities, none, existed, before / non-stressed function words: where, have Notice how some of the shorter sentences actually have more stressed words than the longer ones (2 compared to 3). These shorter sentences can often take longer to speak than longer sentences with many function words. The Music of English English is a very rhythmic language because of this tendency to accent only certain words. For this reason, you should practice using your ear as much as possible. Often repeating spoken English without looking at the written sentence can also help you learn this music of the language.   Helping Yourself Improve Pronunciation  at Home Finally, practice speaking through the sentences below. First speak the sentence trying to carefully pronounce EVERY word. Notice how unnatural this sounds (as in the listening exercise above showing the contrast between this unnatural pronunciation and the natural way of speaking). Next, focus on speaking the sentences only working on stressing the content words. Tape yourself doing this and you will be surprised at how quickly your pronunciation improves! He drove to work after he had finished working in the garden.Youll find the apples next to the oranges on the shelf over there.Maggie must have been visiting her aunt in Springtown last weekend.Could you pass me the mustard, please?They have been considering buying a new car as soon as they have saved enough money. Teachers can use this lesson plan to help students focus on stress-timed pronunciation in class.