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Human capital is increasingly considered a source of competitive Essay

Human capital is increasingly considered a source of competitive advantage for organizations - Essay Example First, the statement will be examined and then the role of human resource managers will be discussed within this context. The competition amongst the businesses around the globe is getting tougher and tougher (Dyer, 1993). Businesses are employing new techniques and adopting new strategies to reach the customer through developing a competitive edge over their customers. The reasons for this increased competition are global competition, knowledgeable customers, demanding stockholders and constant changes in technology (Dyer, 1993). The businesses which reach the top have always been successful in finding the competitive advantage that proves to be sustainable over the time (Dyer, 1993). Financial resource of an organization or the use of technology has been the main source of competitive advantage of the organization in the past. These resources are essential for the success of the organization, but not sufficient. For this reason, the companies with large employee base have started viewing their human resource as the source of creating customer delight and rapid innovation which places the organization ahead of its competitors. The performance of the organization will suffer if the human resource processes and policies are misaligned, failing to reinforce the business strategy. Since many years, many organizations have tried to shift their competitive advantage to the human resource by managing it more effectively (Dyer, 1993). At the end of the day, it is the human capital of the organization which formulates strategies, identify business opportunities, innovate new products and target the right market segments (Dyer, 1993). The uniqueness in services and products is created and maintained by the human resource of an organization (Pilenzo, 2009). Therefore, if the human resource is managed well, the organization can develop a competitive advantage which cannot be duplicated over time (Pilenzo, 2009). Knowledge and

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Comedic material Essay Example for Free

Comedic material Essay The differences between men and women have been the source of much comedic material over the years. These same differences also add to the attraction between the sexes. Who would want to spend the rest of their lives with somebody who was exactly like them in every way, including their masculinity or feminine qualities? It is these same differences that serve as a great source of contention between brothers and sisters, mothers and sons, boyfriends and girlfriends and finally, husbands and wives. These differences and the failure to recognize their effects on the other, many times lead to fights, estrangement and finally divorce. One way in which the difference of men and woman are brought to light is in the way that we shop. And with the popularity and easy access of stores like Wal-Mart and their dozens of different categories of products, these differences are made even more apparent and thus, the possibility of strife increases. There are a number of solutions in order to overcome these fights. The elderly couple had made it that far because either one side has totally submitted to the will of the other and as a result, has been miserable since their wedding day every time they do shopping. Or, both have learned when to give in and when to stand their ground. Or, both sides have no desire to give in to the other and it is a foregone conclusion that fireworks will follow this couple’s trip to the grocery store. The two seem to enjoy the arguments and the effort that goes into them as much as anything else in their marriage. The two seem to strive off of the drama that comes from constant arguments. And lastly, there is the newlywed couple that is still in the honeymoon period and the thought of fighting over the way in which either of them shop for groceries or the notion of shopping at different stores and/or on different days, is seen as equally absurd as well. Perhaps it is asking too much for one to ask their spouse to change the way in which they think and complete their daily mundane chores. People are less resistant to change the older they get. This is especially true after ten or twenty years of marriage. The recognition of these differences are the first step in being able to put up with one’s spouse and not to let the weekly chore of grocery shopping add drama to a marriage that will have enough drama on its own. Some people will no doubt disagree with the findings of this informal study and there really is no theory that perfectly fits the millions of couples in this country but what has been discovered, to one degree or another, fits some aspect of the daily interactions that the members of one couple has with each other. This has never been more true than in the marriage of my friends, Joe and Marie Burkett. They have been married for five years now and still have not learned how to shop together. Joe has suggested that only one be responsible for the grocery shopping for the house but Marie is a romantic and loves her husband very much. She wants to take advantage of their weekends by doing things together and will not hear of this. Joe loves his wife as well but can no longer stand the stress and petty arguments that come every time, without fail, when they go to the local Wal-Mart. However, Joe cannot stand to submit to what he sees as the slow, mind numbing and inefficient way in which his wife shops. To start, Marie never makes a complete grocery list. She will write down what the house needs but it will never be a complete list. She likes to take her time when she goes to Wal-Mart since she sees it as an event to be enjoyed. One almost expects Marie to get dressed up for the occasion as there is little else to do in their small town and Marie sees going to Wal-Mart as a way to socialize with the others from the town. The Wal-Mart that they go to is a super Wal-Mart so they not only have clothes but also electronics and food as well as a place to get your hair cut, car fixed, nails done and eyes checked. Marie wants to take full advantage of this luxury and wishes to make a day of the entire experience. Despite the fact that she wrote a list before coming to the store, she has no intention of being a strict constructionist and leisurely walks up and down every isle in the attempt not to miss the newest sale on an item that she suddenly realizes she cannot live without. She wonders at the selection on every isle as her fellow customers wait for her to move in order to pass as they are much less amazed at the errand of grocery shopping. Joe is much different. He does not like to shop and will not even try his new clothes on before buying them. If he comes home and they are too tight, he would rather go on a diet than have to go back to the store and try on more clothes and this extend his pain. He makes a list before going to Wal-Mart and after having shopped at the store a few times, has memorized where everything is at. He maps out a route in his head that will allow the quickest turnaround time and propel him out of the store and towards something that we would rather want to do on his weekends. He does not need to think about what he needs. Throughout the week, he adds items to the list on the refrigerator and weights its costs with the necessity of the item since he hates wasting time almost as much as he hates wasting money. Joe prides himself in accomplishing the job in ? the time it is supposed to take with somebody not as organized as he is. He whizzes past he fellow shoppers and has no tolerance for people who seem confused while walking in the isle or those who come to the store in order to converse with friends. He hates to shop but knows that it is a necessity. But he also hates to waste time and cannot fathom spending even an hour shopping for groceries when, according to his calculations, one could easily finish the job in under 30 minutes. What aspect of better? It all depends on what view the reader takes. For people in a small town and for people who love to go shopping, such stores like Wal Mart are seen as a church with every day being Sunday. The experience and effort that goes into this is not really a chore but rather a source of fun and socialization. For the other side, every action in the completion of a necessary chore, should be done efficiently and idleness is annoying beyond belief. For a person who has decided what he wants in life, whether it is a new job or even something as mundane as items in a grocery store, any divergence from obtaining that goal is avoided at all costs and those who do not prescribe to said ideology are kept at arms length. However, this is more difficult to do when the two ideologies are married in the bodies of Joe and Marie. WORKS CITED Moir, A. (1991) The Differences Between Men and Women. New York: Random House Moir, A. (2002) Why Men Don’t Iron. New York: Random House. OUTLINE I. The differences between men and women are the source of more happiness and annoyance that any one thing in this world. II. These differences are not exemplified more than in shopping at the grocery store. A. Joe does not like to waste time in the grocery store. He strives to be efficient. He sees the confusion of others as simply an example of dumb people and has no tolerance for it.

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Creating a Robot to Tie a Knot with Lego Mindstorm :: Robotics

Abstract The point of building this robot was to have it successfully complete and tie a knot. The original idea was to have the robot tie knots creating a bracelet. Unfortunately, the process of tying a knot alone was too much work to try and move on to an entire bracelet. I had neither the time nor the insight to build a flexible and usable 'arm.' I tested and modified a design from the Lego Mindstorms book, but found that I could neither open nor close the hand. I continued to further modify the design to be able to grab and let go of string but the result was extremely bulky. Also I could not find a plausible and spaceconstrained way to attach the gears to each of the 'fingers.' The conclusion that I drew was not that the project was impossible but that it needed more time and research. Background The idea for a robot that could neatly and efficiently create a knotted bracelet became a reality after my own experiences of personal pain and triumphs over its creational process. Although the design is merely knotting in a line some people have neither the patience or ability to complete such a simple masterpiece. This is when the idea for a bracelet making robot was first manifested. It is being brought to life for all those who can't or don't want to make one themselves, hence, a robot to do it for them! Unfortunately, two weeks is not enough to make a full blown bracelet making robot. Instead my attempt will be to make a robot that can successfully tie a knot around a string. Which with more time would eventually lead to an entire knotted bracelet. The textile industry has prospered greatly since the age of industry and invention. Cotton, silk, and various other materials are processed and transformed into beautiful fabrics and cloths which soon become clothes and accessories. The flying shuttle was brought to factories in 1733 by the inventor John Kay, improving looms to enable weavers to get their work done even faster. Soon after there came the spinning jenny, and the water frame which became the first powered machine. To be or Knot to be? 3 The inventions kept spewing forth until at last the modern textile machine was born. Most of these are run by computer with nowhere near the machinery. This minimizes injury and ups the efficiency of production. While my robot won't be the next big factory design, it will make a simple but overly complicated knot for a robot. In future years at COSMOS in the robotics cluster, perhaps someone will see my design and continue it, until it completely finishes an entire

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HIV/AIDS in Prisons and Jails :: STD, HIV, AIDS

In addressing the prevention of the spread of the HIV virus in prisons, we have seen a rush to develop and implement prevention measures. Much attention has centered on such controversial issues as compulsory or voluntary blood testing, isolation versus integration of HIV infected inmates into the prison mainstreams, provision of condoms and disposable needles, and effective educational measures for specific groups within the prison.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Unfortunately, this rush to develop and implement preventive measures has resulted in a degree of polarization which has hindered progress towards implementation of effective prevention measures. Prisons and jails offer uniquely important opportunities for improving disease control in the community by providing health care to disease prevention program to a large and concentrated population of individuals at high risk for disease. Inmates often have little interaction with the health care system before and after being incarcerated. (U.S. News & World Report) The bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) reported that in 1999, HIV/AIDS in prisons and jails was a growing problem in American correctional facilities. The AIDS rate in US prisons was five times the rate of general population. (Society. 2003)   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  For a variety of reasons, many inmates do not seek diagnosis or treatment for illness before arriving to prison or jail. Because inmates are literally a â€Å"captive† audience, it is vastly more efficient and effective to screen and treat them while incarcerated than to conduct extensive outreach in local communities. (AIDS Weekly. 1998) Uninfected prisoners have sued the authorities for failing to test and segregate. In a recently reported case, Cameron v. Metcuz 705 F. Supp 454 (N.D. Ind 1989), an uninfected plaintiff prisoner sued prison authorities for failing to segregate a known infected prisoner with a violent history who had bitten the plaintiff. In that case, the court found that the authorities’ failure to segregate a known infected prisoner with a violent history did not amount to gross negligence or reckless indifference to the prisoner who was bitten. (Mead. Vol. 15 no. 5, pp. 197-9).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  There is a clear case for urgent reform of the law as it relates to prisoners right’s to ensure meaningful HIV/AIDS prevention and care strategies for both the prison and general populations.

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Resort World Sentosa

Resorts World Sentosa Private Limited is the leisure and gaming company that owns and operates Singapore’s biggest Integrated Resort, a 49-hectare development called Resorts World Sentosa. The mega resort is located on Singapore's holiday island of Sentosa. The S$6. 59 billion must-see destination welcomed its first visitors at its soft opening in early 2010. Resorts World Sentosa started operations with the four hotels in January, the Resorts World Casino in February and  Universal Studios Singapore ® family theme park in March, along with  MICE facilities that include one of Asia’s largest Grand Ballrooms.It offers a wide range of entertainment and shows, as well as celebrity chef restaurants, brand-name boutiques and a half-kilometer long shopping and dining Strip named FestiveWalk. Two more hotels, the Marine Life Park and the Maritime Experiential Museum will be added in subsequent phases of the resort’s growth. Resorts World Sentosa is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Genting Singapore Public Limited Company (PLC), a leisure and gaming company listed on the mainboard of the Singapore Exchange. Genting Singapore PLC is part of the Genting Group that is listed in Malaysia.Dining can be a fun experience at Universal Studios Singapore. For some classic American fare, grab a gourmet sandwich at Celebrity Cafe and Bakery or sink your teeth into savory cheese burgers at Mel’s Drive-In. You might just be entertained by dancing and singing servers. Craving for some oriental flavour? Taste authentic Cantonese cuisine at Hollywood China Bistro or go for South East Asian favourites like noodles and curries at Casa Del Wild. Be it fine-dining or a quick casual lunch you’re after, it’ll be full-filling and fabulous! 3. 2. Service Quality This problem may occur every time even from professional staff, especially, untrained or unqualified staff. For example, when guests want to know some products such as wine list details, they can ask every staff, current F;amp;B staff, rotated staff, or casual staff, because they assume all staff are trained with basic of service knowledge. If a staff gives haphazard information, they will not judge only the staff but also the hotel. 3. 2. 2 Negative brand image When guests are unhappy with poor service, they love to complain to the staff.Dissatisfied guest may never return to use your service again because they do not believe that the service is not worth for their expense. Moreover, dissatisfied guests often tell about bad experience to their friends. This is call negative word of mouth. Negative word of mouth is the most powerful to make the business goes down because people like to ask other people for recommendation ; furthermore, it is the easiest way to find in internet. Most people love to know the bad experience more than good one. So the brand image is used very long time for recovery 1. Personal Benefits ;amp; experiencesHaving internship in Universal Studio Singapore was a great opportunity for me. In there, I worked in fine dining restaurant for 3 months, another 3 months was fast food restaurant. Honestly, I have gained many experiences from them. In fine dining restaurant KT’s Grill and fast food restaurant Celebrity Cafe ;amp;Bakery are totally different, no matter atmosphere, service standard. Western outlet it focuses on the service quality and cafe more concentrate at the service efficiency. So the internship not only shows me that what theoretical knowledge I have to study or learn more but also shows me as the career pathway.Additionally the wok experience will also help build an excellent resume (including relevant work experience) for when I’m out of the classroom and getting a job. 1. 1 F;amp;B operating knowledge Six months working experiences in 2 restaurant, gives me a better understanding about the nature of F;amp;B industry. In western restaurant KT’s Grill, the most important part is the table ser vice â€Å"Table Service† is a restaurant industry term that can mean either the presentation of food to patrons by waiters, or the place settings present on each table.Restaurants without either are usually referred to as â€Å"counter service† establishments. Most fast-food chains fall within this category, as patrons must place their orders, collect their food, and pick up any needed utensils at a centrally located counter, just like my second outlet, celebrity cafe. Table service establishments are usually more expensive, but more work is involved on the restaurant’s part both to set and clear tables and to present food to order. When taken to mean place settings, service typically consists of utensils, a napkin, and a water glass or goblet.After customers order food, a filled dish is added to complete the place setting. Depending on the type of meal typically served, much more may also be included. Traditional Western table service has several types and siz es of spoons, forks, and knives. Larger spoons are for soup, while smaller ones are used for eating dessert or stirring coffee. All place settings have a standard-sized dinner fork, while smaller forks are used for salad and dessert. Steak knives as well as duller, butter-type knives for bread may also be included. Talking about the table delivery, it can create challenges.It is not always easy for me to hold a food and drink-packed tray upright while weaving through dining tables and watching out for other guests at first. Waiters must often spend a lot of time practicing in order to ensure flawless delivery. Many restaurants spend a great deal of time thinking about the message their table service sends. Preparing dishes directly in front of the customer typically takes more time per dish, and is costly in terms of staff attention. If it helps promote a certain ambiance, however, it is usually worth it.Like our restaurant, it is an open kitchen which the guests can see the process how the chef cooking the food. The same is true with staff appearance. Servers who are dressed well, in formal wear, female staff wear white blouse and black skirt, and male staff wear black pant. It often projects a certain image that is lost when they come to the table in jeans. Usually, restaurants design all aspects of their table service to reflect the sort of ambiance they want to create. Fine dining restaurant may have well worn cutlery as its table service, while expensive eateries tend to have more elegant tableware.The decor in restaurants is also crucial as patrons are often eating not just for the food, but also for the overall experience. Everything from the quality and color of the tablecloth to the presence of flowers and overall durability of flatware and goblets plays a part in projecting the image and feel of the establishment. When comes to the menu, it is difficult for us to understand the English menu, because not familiar with the name of food, especially in E nglish version, like striplion, banger;amp;mash, and some desserts as well.Moreover, we have to know what kind of sauce in it, the ingredients†¦ It is a huge challenge for me at first, I have to go through the menu everyday, this practice slowly established a basic knowledge in my mind about the food and beverage that we usually served. And after a week, I can take order everyday, which quickly deepen my understanding all the items in the menu. We must be knowledgeable about the food and beverage so that we will able to answer and handle any question or problems the guest may have. While after I transfer to Celebrity Cafe, 1. 2 Service Sequence Seat the guest ;amp; pass them the menu ;amp;unfold the napkin for them -After order, offer the bread before Appetizer? -Sever the appetizer first – When theoretical experience meets real work experience, it shows many benefits between a management trainee who has knowledge and staff who has work experience and knowledge. The bene fits can be knowledge sharing because the trainee will use his/her knowledge to solve the problem, on the other hand, the staff will use his/her experience. For other benefits, the trainee can be realized that the selected position or department is suitable for them for choosing career pathway in the future.

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Chapter Discussion Questions Essay Example

Chapter Discussion Questions Essay Example Chapter Discussion Questions Essay Chapter Discussion Questions Essay 1. Discourse the grounds that companies embark on cross-border strategic confederations. What other motives may motivate such confederations? The text notes five motivations for cross boundary line confederations: 1 ) to avoid import barriers, licensing demands and other protectionist statute law ; 2 ) to portion the costs and hazards of the research and development of new merchandises and procedures ; 3 ) to derive entree to specific markets ; 4 ) to cut down political hazard while doing inroads into a new market ; and, 5 ) to derive rapid entry into a new or consolidating industry, and to take advantage of synergisms. Each house is faced with its ain environmental conditions and this may motivate a strategic confederation for other grounds. The GM-Toyota strategic confederation ensuing in NUMMI was motivated in portion by the desire of each house to larn. GM wanted to larn about the Toyota production procedure, and Toyota wanted to larn about American labour dealingss. The content notes five idea procedures in cross periphery collusions: 1 ) to hedge import hinderances, authorising necessities and other protectionist passage ; 2 ) to leave the disbursals and dangers of the advanced work of new points and classs of action ; 3 ) to acquire entree to peculiar markets ; 4 ) to decrease political danger while doing progresss into another concern ; and, 5 ) to add-on speedy subdivision into another or uniting industry, and to work coactions. Each one house is confronted with its ain ecological conditions and this may motivate a cardinal organisation together for different grounds. The GM-Toyota cardinal cooperation conveying about NUMMI was roused to some extent by the craving of each one house to larn. GM needed to look into the Toyota creative activity methodological analysis, and Toyota needed to research American work dealingss. 2. Why are at that place an increasing figure of amalgamations with companies in different industries? Give some illustrations. What industry do you believe will be the following for planetary consolidation? There are a assortment of grounds. In some instances, companies in different industries still can portion resources in ways that create runing synergisms. In other instances, companies can capitalise on the intangible resources of its new partner- resources like trade name names and proprietary procedures. Sometimes transverse boundary line amalgamations and acquisitions accompany the deregulating of industry, as it did in telecoms. If so, a likely campaigner will be insurance, fiscal services and banking, all of which are undergoing significant deregulating in universe markets. There is an mixture of grounds. Sometimes, organisations in diverse concerns still can leave assets in ways that make working coactions. In different instances, organisations can derive by the immaterial assets of its new accomplice assets like trade name names and restrictive classs of action. Some of the clip cross periphery amalgamations and acquisitions go manus in manus with the deregulating of industry, as it did in telecoms. Assuming this is the instance, a possible aspirant will be protection, pecuniary disposals and pull offing an history, all of which are sing considerable deregulating in universe markets. 3. Discourse the jobs built-in in developing a concerted confederation in order to heighten competitory advantage while incurring the hazard of developing a new rival. Technology transportation is inevitable in confederation relationship. An confederation spouse can rapidly larn all it needs to cognize about a new engineering from its spouse. Once that happens, it no longer needs its spouse in order to carry on concern. In kernel, the first of the spouses to to the full larn the other’s engineering or concern patterns obsoletes the venture. The text calls this the race to learn. In order to cut down this hazard, houses sometimes rope-off certain sensitive countries from their spouses. A strategic confederation is a hard construct in some ways – collaborating with a rival – and this may requires peculiar action to avoid beef uping the place of the rival. In the terminal of chapter instance on Lenovo, IBM will necessitate to do certain that the association they maintain with this Chinese company does non compromise proprietary cognition which is IBM’s competitory advantage. Innovation move is certain in partnership relationship. A cooperation confederate can quickly recognize everything it needs to believe around technology from its confederate. When that happens, it likely won’t needs its confederate so as to direct concern. Generally, the first of the confederates to wholly take in the other’s invention or concern hones obsoletes the wander. The content calls this the race to learn. so as to decrease this danger ; houses now and so rope-off certain huffy parts from their confederates. A critical partnership is a troublesome thought in a few ways – join forcesing with a rival – and this may compel specific activity to abstain from reenforcing the place of the rival. Toward the terminal of portion instance on Lenovo, IBM will necessitate to verify that the association they keep up with this Chinese organisation does non dicker restrictive information which is IBM’s preferable 4. What are the common beginnings of mutual exclusiveness in cross-border confederations? What can be done in order to minimise them? Differences in civilization can do differences in aims, leading manner, scheme, administration, control and compensation among other issues. There can besides be regulative differences in the host state that preclude runing the concern in the traditional manner. Minimizing these hard countries requires attending paid up front to the job countries. If the jobs are anticipated, it is more likely that they can be resolved in an easier and less dearly-won manner. Difference in civilization can ensue in contrasts in finishs, authorization manner, system, disposal, control and payment in add-on to different issues. There can likewise be administrative contrasts in the host state that block working the concern in the conventional manner. Minimizing these troublesome zones obliges consideration paid in progress to the issue parts. On the off opportunity that the issues are foreseen, it is more likely that they can be determined in a less demanding and less extortionate manner. 5. Explain what is necessary for companies to successfully implement a planetary sourcing scheme. Global sourcing isn’t merely about happening lower paid workers. In order to to the full profit from a planetary sourcing scheme a house must seek to develop into transformational outsourcing in which motivations for sourcing are examined and acted on. Some recommendations include: analyzing your grounds for outsourcing, measuring the best sourcing theoretical account, d eriving the cooperation of your direction staff, confer withing with confederation spouses, and puting in the confederation. Worldwide sourcing isn’t reasonably much detecting lower paid labourers. To wholly gain from a worldwide sourcing method a house must look to organize into transformational outsourcing in which idea processes in sourcing are analyzed and followed up on. A few proposals include: inspecting your intents behind outsourcing, measuring the best sourcing theoretical account, picking up the coaction of your disposal staff, reding with organisation together confederates, and seting resources into the brotherhood. 6. Discourse the political and economic state of affairs in the Russia Federation with your category. What has changed since this authorship? What are the deductions for foreign companies to get down a joint venture at that place now? This country is still fighting to set up a modern market economic system and achieve strong economic growing. The economic image in 2007 is much brighter with a billowing trade excess fueled by lifting universe oil monetary values. The apprehension of the Yukos CEO and the political forcible tactics of Mr. Putin nevertheless, have caused many MNCs to stay cautious. It appears that Russia is experiencing the power that its energy resources have given her and is one time once more endangering parts of the universe. The current political and economic clime of Russia makes foreign investing non excessively desirable, with the possible exclusion of the energy sector. This country is even now trying to make a present twenty-four hours market economic system and attain to solid pecuniary development. The fiscal image in 2007 is much brighter with a billowy exchange excess powered by mounting universe oil costs. The gaining control of the Yukos CEO and the political solid arm schemes of Mr. Putin in any instance, have brought on legion MNCs to remain aware. It gives the thought that Russia is experiencing the power that its verve assets have provided for her and is by and by enfeebling parts of the universe. The current political and pecuniary ambiance of Russia makes outside guess non really tempting, with the imaginable freedom of the verve division. 7. What is involved in strategic execution? What is meant by creating a system of fits’ with the strategic program? In order for a scheme to work efficaciously, there must be a good tantrum between the company’s construction, systems, and operating procedures. This procedure becomes more complex in an international scene exactly because the fit factors are capable to more cultural and environmental diverseness. Further, the cross-cultural communicating procedure discussed in the old chapters indicates that the feedback needed for strategic accommodations will be more hard to grok. Strategic control processs, which constitute a uninterrupted procedure, supply feedback to enable directors to reassess scheme so that the company can update and recycle its programs consequently. In topographic point for a methodological analysis to work adequately, there must be a nice tantrum between the organization’s construction, models, and working techniques. This methodological analysis gets to be more intricate in an cosmopolitan puting decidedly on the evidences that the fit elements are apt to more societal and ecological differences. Further, the diverse correspondence methodological analysis talked about in the past parts shows that the unfavorable judgment required for cardinal alteration will be more difficult to appreciate. Vital control methods, which constitute a relentless process, give input to authorise managers to reconsider methodological analysis with the end that the organisation can redesign and recycle its programs in similar mode. 8. Explain how the host authorities may impact strategic implementation- in an confederation or another signifier of entry scheme. There are many countries of influence by host authoritiess on the strategic pick and execution of foreign houses. The profitableness of those houses is greatly influenced, for illustration, by the degree of revenue enhancement in the host state and by any limitations on net income repatriation. Besides of import influences are authorities policies on ownership by foreign houses, on labour brotherhood regulations, on hiring and wage patterns, on patent and right of first publication protection. Further, unpredictable alterations in governmental ordinances can increase the hazard of failure in a venture. There are legion zones of impact by host authoritiess on the cardinal determination and use of distant houses. The productiveness of those organisations is significantly impacted, for case, by the degree of levy in the host state and by any parturiencies on benefit repatriation. Additionally critical impacts are authorities agreements on proprietary by distant houses, on worker’s club criterions, on enlisting and compensation hones, on patent and right of first publication insurance. Further, unusual alterations in administrative ordinances can spread out the danger of letdown in a wander. 9. How might the variable of national civilization affect strategic execution? Use the Mittal Steel illustration to foreground some of these factors. National civilization influences everything, including scheme execution. As we have learned from the work of Hofstede and others, direction theory and patterns do non ever travel good across national civilizations. Strategy execution involves managerial patterns and human dealingss. Different attacks to people management are needed in different civilizations. In the instance of Mittal Steel, the issue involved the cultural norms of a peculiar cultural group in which the penchant was to keep household ownership of concerns. This construct ran counter to planetary enlargement and the laminitis, Mr. Mittal decided to try to interrupt with these cultural values. National society impacts everything, including technique use. As we have gained from the work of Hofstede and others, disposal hypothesis and patterns don’t by and large traverse national societies. System executing includes managerial patterns and human dealingss. Diverse methodological analysiss to individual’s administration are required in typical societies. On history of Mittal Steel, the issue included the societal criterions of a specific cultural assemblage in which the disposition was to maintain up household duty for. This thought ran counter to worldwide extension and the conceiver, Mr. Mittal chose to endeavour to interrupt with these societal qualities. National society impacts everything, including methodological analysis use. As we have gained from the work of Hofstede and others, disposal hypothesis and patterns don’t by and large traverse national societies. System usage includes managerial patterns and human dealingss. Diverse methodological analysiss to individuals administration are required in typical societies. On history of Mittal Steel, the issue included the societal criterions of a specific cultural assemblage in which the disposition was to maintain up household duty for. This thought ran counter to worldwide extension and the writer, Mr. Mittal chose to endeavour to interrupt with these societal qualities. 10. Discourse the importance of cognition direction in IVJs and what can be done to heighten effectivity of that procedure. Knowledge direction in international joint ventures is critical, particularly as we enter a more knowledge-based planetary economic system. The confederation allows for the transportation of cognition in order to do both houses in the partnership stronger. In order to capitalise on this benefit it is of import to get the better of cultural differences that may originate. There are basically three procedures which occur in cognition direction of IVJs: transportation, transmutation, and reaping. Successful houses in this country have the personal engagement of the major rules of the parent company and promote joint acquisition and sharing. Mention: Adapted from International Management: Managing Across Boundary lines and Cultures by Helen Deresky

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Aravaipa Canyon Essays

Aravaipa Canyon Essays Aravaipa Canyon Essay Aravaipa Canyon Essay In Edward Abbeys essay on Aravaipa Canyon, he comments on the enigmatic nature of life on Earth. He states that the world is not nearly big enough and that any portion of its surface, left unpaved and alive, is infinitely rich in details and relationships, in wonder, beauty, mystery, comprehensible only in part. The very existence of existence is itself suggestive of the unknown not a problem, but a mystery. Our environmental problems, moreover, are cultural. Politics, for example, are being destroyed by a bad way of life, not bad politics. And to see that the problem is far more than political is to return to reality, and look at what reality permits us to see. In Mark Twains essay, Thoughts of God, he seeks to explain how God differentiates between a human being and what is expected of him or her. Twain declares that God is excused for many things for which humans would not be excused, such as the creation of the fly. The real question is, why do we excuse God for violating the moral code when humans in the same situation would not be given the same favor under the same circumstances? If God is the symbol of man and man relies on his moral and ethics, what does God rely on? This implies that there must cease to be a true concept of morality if the one person we incorporate these laws from cant even abide by them himself. Maybe the concept of morality is one which we are simply unable to understand, especially since there is no universal standard of what is right and wrong. Often times, we are faced with situations or questions where we are made to choose a certain path or specific answer. Depending on which alternative one chooses, his or her answer or choice is most certainly based on whether he or she is being moral or not. Sometimes, you a forced to make the decision that you normally would not make. This is Joan Didions idea called Wagon Train morality. In her essay On Morality, she implies that morality has little to do with the concept of being good and that everyone has a different concept of morality to justify their actions and decisions, which falls under the subject of natural ethics. People who adhere themselves to a supposedly universal moral code can mislead themselves into thinking people who do not follow that code are unfaithful and are considered less human. Sontag also implies that there is no true understanding of the nature of morality or its effects in the world, and that they can be used for almost any purpose whether it is to sa ve the world or to destroy it. And referring back to the opening paragraph, politics, for example, for many years, have been concerned with right or left instead of right or wrong. Photography, on the other hand, gets people to view the world in only one way, mainly because photographs are concerned chiefly with appearances. This then brings up the photographers whom have little and sometimes even no appreciation of the aesthetic values of experience. And when they do have such appreciation it is rarely relevant to their purposes. Therefore, photography can only strive to be a substitute for existence, but cannot hope to provide the experience which comes characteristically. Photography implies that we know about the world if we accept it as the camera records it. But this is the opposite of understanding, which starts from not accepting the world as it looks. Meaning photos show nothing of the world around them, but instead just turns citizens into image junkies. Therefore, both Sontag and Edward want to state that the world is full of mystery and therefore it can be deceiving, because everyone is so used to believing everything one sees. And since weve invent ed a new society, and new ways of looking at society and nature, its essential upon us that we also invent new ways of understanding our experience of life and society. Henry James, on the other hand, wrote The Turn of the Screw in such an ambiguous manner that it is open to many different interpretations. However, it appears that no single interpretation has the ability to cover every aspect of the story and explain it in a way that is convincing to all. To see that the problem is far more than political is to return to reality, and look at what reality permits us to see. The primary distinction between humans and the rest of the natural world is our sense of consciousness and self-consciousness.

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How to Write an Analytical Essay on Cost #038; Management Accounting Reporting System

How to Write an Analytical Essay on Cost #038; Management Accounting Reporting System The analytical essay is often thought of as a summary of a piece of work or a topic but in reality it is an analysis, as the name would suggest. You want to prove something big about the work by studying smaller writing techniques used. Introduction The introduction is where you make sure the reader is interested in your work. You need to have three components, as listed above in order to have an effective hook. This is comprised of a single sentence that tells your reader something interesting or something shocking. Many students prefer to introduce a startling statistic or open by asking the reader a rhetorical question. If you can include some controversy and relate that controversial idea to the remainder of your content, then the reader will be hooked. The thesis is where you need to tell your reader the key point, or purpose to your work. Body The body is where you have the most room to change organization. You may, for example, have three key claims you want to present in support of your thesis. You can introduce these claims chronologically, in order of appearance in the work you are analyzing. You can introduce them ranging from strongest to weakest so that the reader goes from being hooked to reading your strongest points. It also adds up to the fact that your body content ends on a high note. No matter what the order of appearance for your content is, you need to allocate one body paragraph for each claim you are making. Within the paragraph you must start with a topic sentence: a sentence that introduces the topic of that paragraph and transitions away from the paragraph above. Then you make your claim and introduce your supporting evidence. It is important here not to just state your evidence, but to state clearly how your evidence ties the claim back to your thesis. This is a common error; many students know clearly how their evidence ties to their thesis but they forget that the reader might not make the same conclusions or follow the same mental path. In order to ensure that each reader follows the same line of thinking as yourself, you must include this direct link in writing. At the end of each body paragraph, you need to provide a transitional sentence that leads the reader away from that thought and onto the next. Conclusion With the body paragraphs complete and the appropriate evidence presented, it is time to wrap up your writing for the reader. Here you want to restate for the reader what your thesis has been and how you have supported that thesis. You want to avoid simply copying and pasting the wording from the rest of your body content, but rather, rephrase it in such a way that you remind the reader not only what claims you made but what evidence you had for those claims. Avoid introducing new material and changing the tone or theme of the work. These are the main parts that demand the most of your attention and concentration. However, those are not all we can offer you: there are also useful facts on management accounting and 20 readymade topics on the same issue that will be extremely handy while writing an analytical essay. If you need professional analytical  essay writing help contact our essay service now!

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Critically evaluate the extent to which international law recognizes a Essay

Critically evaluate the extent to which international law recognizes a right of self-defence to prevent attacks by terrorist organizations - Essay Example This paper aims to provide an articulate understanding of the author’s point of view in conclusion to this discussion, after critically evaluating the various provisions contained in the UN Charter regarding the right of a State to defend itself. â€Å"Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security. Measures taken by Members in the exercise of this right of self-defence shall be immediately reported to the Security Council and shall not in any way affect the authority and responsibility of the Security Council under the present Charter to take at any time such action as it deems necessary in order to maintain or restore international peace and security.†1 Under this provision, there is an inherent right of individual or collective self-defense of any member of the United Nations in case there is an armed attack that occurs.2 However, there is a limitation provided, in that, it is subject to review by the Security Council.3 Under customary international law, the pre-requisites to legitimate self-defense include the following: â€Å"1) an infringement or threatened infringement of the territorial integrity or political independence of the defending state; 2) the failure or inability of the other state to prevent the infringement; 3) the absence of alternative means to secure protection; and 4) the strict limitation of the defending states use of force to prevent the danger.†4 Although Article 51 of the UN Charter considers self-defense as an inherent right under customary international law, the provision providing for an â€Å"armed attack† is much debated.5 Various interpretations have also been made as regards the word â€Å"inherent† in the exercise of self-defence. The word â€Å"inherent† was said to have given a State the right to use

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Computer Platforms Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Computer Platforms - Research Paper Example A binary input of 0100 would light four LEDs in a row whilst a binary input of 0101 would light five LEDs in a row. Derive the truth-table for a 4 bit input/ 16 bit output decoder which would be used to power this linear display. Solution: Let x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7, x8, x9, x10, x11, x12, x13, x14 and x15 represent the linear array of LEDs. Let A, B, C and D represent the binary input terminals. The truth-table for the linear display is shown in Figure 2.2. .. Table 2.1 gives details as to which segments should be energised to display various decimal values at the 4-pin input. Decimal A B C D Segments 0 0 0 0 0 a, b, c, d, e, f 1 0 0 0 1 b, c 2 0 0 1 0 a, b, g, e, d 3 0 0 1 1 a, b, c, d, g 4 0 1 0 0 b, c, f, g 5 0 1 0 1 a, c, d, f, g 6 0 1 1 0 c, d, e, f, g 7 0 1 1 1 a, b, c 8 1 0 0 0 a, b, c, d, e, f, g 9 1 0 0 1 a, b, c, f, g Table 2.1 Truth-table for BCD-to-seven-segment decoder Hence we can derive expressions for each segment, as follows: a = A'B'C'D' + A'B'CD' + A'B'CD + A'BC'D + A'BCD + AB'C'D' + AB'C'D b = A'B'C'D' + A'B'C'D + A'B'CD' + A'B'CD + A'BC'D' + A'BCD + AB'C'D' + AB'C'D c = A'B'C'D' + A'B'C'D + A'B'CD + A'BC'D' + A'BC'D + A'BCD' + A'BCD + AB'C'D' + AB'C'D d = A'B'C'D' + A'B'CD' + A'B'CD + A'BC'D + A'BCD' + AB'C'D' e = A'B'C'D' + A'B'CD' + A'BCD' + AB'C'D' f = A'B'C'D' + A'BC'D' + A'BC'D + A'BCD' + AB'C'D' + AB'C'D g = A'B'CD' + A'B'CD + A'BC'D' + A'BC'D + A'BCD' + AB'C'D' + AB'C'D 2.b A display composed of a linear array of LEDs, is to respond to a 4-bit binary input which is dependent on the absolute binary value by lighting each successful element. A binary input of 0100 would light four LEDs in a row whilst a binary input of 0101 would light five LEDs in a row. Derive the truth-table for a 4 bit input/ 16 bit output decoder which would be used to power this linear display. Solution: Let x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7, x8, x9, x10, x11, x12, x13, x14 and x15 represent the linear array of LEDs. Let A, B, C and D represent the binary input terminals. The truth-table for the linear display is shown in Figure 2.2. Table 2.2 Truth-table for LEDs of linear display 3.a The decimal number 101 may be represented in binary as 01100101. Using One's

Indentured Servitude Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Indentured Servitude - Essay Example The indenture document detailed the specific number of years a servant was required to work, after which they would earn freedom1. Not all servants were willingly sent. There were several cases of kidnapping, especially with the white slaves. In the 17th century, about two thirds of the New World settlers from the Isles of British came as indentured servants. Due to the high rates if death, several servants never lived to see freedom in the end of their terms. In early 19th century and late 18th century, many Europeans did travel to the colonies as the redemptioners, which is a form of indenture (Galenson 1984). Indentures had various restrictions. For example, indentures were not allowed to marry or get married without permission from their owner. They were subjected to physical punishment, and their labor obligations were enforced by courts. The law even lengthened the term of women indentures in case they became pregnant. However, contrary to the slaves, servants were given a guarantee that they would be set free from bondage after their terms elapse. At the end of their term, servants received freedom dues payment and joined the free members of the society. In fact, one could sell or buy indentures contract of servants as well as their right to labor, but not the person per se as a property. Both female and male servants could be at any given point be subjected to violence, sometimes resulting to their death. Generally, indentured servitude was a mechanism of having the number of colonists increased, particularly in the British and English colonies2. Convict labor and voluntary migratio n provided many people, and other means of offering settlement was inevitable because the journey across the Atlantic was somehow dangerous. In the end, contract laborers became a significant group of people and very many that saw the United States Constitution count them in the appointment of representatives (Rosenbloom 2008). Indentured servitude, from 1620s, was a

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What role does social class play Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

What role does social class play - Essay Example Looking at the work of Jane Austen in her novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’ it could be said that the novel is one of the most quintessential novels of manners and etiquettes that has effectively and provocatively described the role of social classes in society. Austen has dealt with the issues of manners, education, marriage, principles and upbringing in a society of the elite gentry of the 19th century England. Similarly, one other novel that has also discussed the subject of social class and its role in the society in a different manner is Room at the Top by John Braine. The novel was written in 1957 and has discussed how social class, desires, and the socio-economic struggles can change the entire course of human life, particularly his love and passion. The novel rotates around a story of young, ambitious man who is struggling hard to find his place in the socially escalating society during the postwar Britain (Austen, 1853; Braine, 1957). In the essay, I would like to explore whether or not the social class as presented in the aforementioned novels, has a similar role in the society. Furthermore, I would also like to study what exactly were the reasons behind the urge to get socially equal in the society. Furthermore, the essay would also discuss whether the same techniques (as discussed in the novels) are being used for the socio-economic struggle in the present day societies or not (Braine, 1957). Considering these questions as the basis of my study, I would like to incorporate the essay with various researches and studies from the past in order to gain data and information on the subject. However, I would only stick to the two main novels that I have selected for this essay for discussing social class and its role. With the help of this essay, I would like to study the fundamentals and the concepts that are associated with the subject and in arts and humanities. It  will help me to broaden my horizon, knowledge and understanding

Sustainability as a source of competitive advantage in the hospitality Literature review - 1

Sustainability as a source of competitive advantage in the hospitality industry - Literature review Example While sustainability is engineered into large hotels, simpler processes are associated with environmental friendliness in small hotels. The differences between them should be noted in order to better appreciate the scope of sustainability issues in large hotels. For small hotels, a significant solid-waste management (SWM) program becomes the principal concern. Small hotels generate wastes that usually end up in landfills, due to the relatively smaller quantities of various types of waste that defy more economical large-scale waste management. It is not true, however, that effective waste management cannot be conducted in small hotels. There are still methods and techniques by which waste can be segregated, recycled, and reduced to minimize and even eliminate contribution to landfills (Radwan, Jones & Minoli, 2010). Empirical studies have come to explore the consumer dynamics relating to sustainable hotels. Lee, Hsu, Han & Kim (2010) sought to determine the view of consumers concernin g green hotels, and how the hotel’s green image can impact on their behavioural intentions. The diagram following provides a graphic presentation of the factors considered in the conduct of the study. The study takes into account among its assumptions the growing concern among the public about environmental issues in general, and how this affects their viewpoint of the hotel industry. Green technology is viewed herein as a strategic tool that can enhance the hotel’s competitive advantage.

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What role does social class play Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

What role does social class play - Essay Example Looking at the work of Jane Austen in her novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’ it could be said that the novel is one of the most quintessential novels of manners and etiquettes that has effectively and provocatively described the role of social classes in society. Austen has dealt with the issues of manners, education, marriage, principles and upbringing in a society of the elite gentry of the 19th century England. Similarly, one other novel that has also discussed the subject of social class and its role in the society in a different manner is Room at the Top by John Braine. The novel was written in 1957 and has discussed how social class, desires, and the socio-economic struggles can change the entire course of human life, particularly his love and passion. The novel rotates around a story of young, ambitious man who is struggling hard to find his place in the socially escalating society during the postwar Britain (Austen, 1853; Braine, 1957). In the essay, I would like to explore whether or not the social class as presented in the aforementioned novels, has a similar role in the society. Furthermore, I would also like to study what exactly were the reasons behind the urge to get socially equal in the society. Furthermore, the essay would also discuss whether the same techniques (as discussed in the novels) are being used for the socio-economic struggle in the present day societies or not (Braine, 1957). Considering these questions as the basis of my study, I would like to incorporate the essay with various researches and studies from the past in order to gain data and information on the subject. However, I would only stick to the two main novels that I have selected for this essay for discussing social class and its role. With the help of this essay, I would like to study the fundamentals and the concepts that are associated with the subject and in arts and humanities. It  will help me to broaden my horizon, knowledge and understanding

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The Morality Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Morality - Case Study Example d that by doing the right thing for the right reason, a person’s values and moral ideas become even more solid if undergoing a similar situation (Hamm 151). Simply put, morality of actions create less harm but not necessarily much more positive events for all parties involved (Brandt 58). As an example regarding morality is the raising of children in full awareness of all things that are universally known to be moral and ethical. Parents can either choose to let others do it for them, by letting the children become aware of what is right or wrong, under the guidance of authorities such as teachers, law enforcement officers, and the like. If the parents could possibly can, they could also teach their own children instead, and using their own words, ideas, beliefs as well as their own personal experiences, bring to them either simplified or complex thought patterns that would be accepted by the society as moral and just. Still another way of teaching children would be by using the power of punishment in cementing the ideas of morality by association with pain, physically or otherwise. However, there is still a debate as to whether punishment would be able to send the message or not to younger folk (Hamm 114). Punishment could very much bring the idea of right or wrong but at times the effect would not last as long due to other factors that may well be outside of the sphere of influence of the home. Still, despite the fact that children can be very much affected by anything from outside the home, parents would still be judged based on the actions of their offspring, thus bringing up the idea that parents have a greater moral obligation of raising children that would be functional and effective members of the society, rather than letting them grow up blind to the morals of the society. In relation to the concept of moral obligations, another aspect of morality is the application of the concept of utilitarianism, wherein the final result would justify the means by

Process of Socialization Essay Example for Free

Process of Socialization Essay Socialization is the process by which children and adults learn from others. We begin learning from others during the early days of life; and most people continue their social learning all through life (unless some mental or physical disability slows or stops the learning process). Sometimes the learning is fun, as when we learn a new sport, art or musical technique from a friend we like. At other times, social learning is painful, as when we learn not to drive too fast by receiving a large fine for speeding. Natural socialization occurs when infants and youngsters explore, play and discover the social world around them. Planned socialization occurs when other people take actions designed to teach or train others from infancy on. Natural socialization is easily seen when looking at the young of almost any mammalian species (and some birds). Planned socialization is mostly a human phenomenon; and all through history, people have been making plans for teaching or training others. Both natural and planned socialization can have good and bad features: It is wise to learn the best features of both natural and planned socialization and weave them into our lives. Positive socialization is the type of social learning that is based on pleasurable and exciting experiences. We tend to like the people who fill our social learning processes with positive motivation, loving care, and rewarding opportunities. Negative socialization occurs when others use punishment, harsh criticisms or anger to try to teach us a lesson; and often we come to dislike both negative socialization and the people who impose it on us. There are all types of mixes of positive and negative socialization; and the more positive social learning experiences we have, the happier we tend to be,especially if we learn useful information that helps us cope well with the challenges of life. A high ratio of negative to positive socialization can make a person unhappy, defeated or pessimistic about life. Some people will defend negative socialization, since painful training can prepare people to be ready to fight and die in battle, put themselves at great risk in order to save others, endure torture and hardship. This is true; but many people receive far more negative socialization than they need, and hopefully fewer and fewer people will need to be trained for battle, torture and hardship. Functions of Different Social Processes 1.Cooperation- The most favored of all the social pocesses, promotes solidarity and cohesion. I.primary cooperation exist when individulas share the task and rewards with all the members, when the sharing itself becomes both the ends and the means. II.Secondary Cooperation is mere formal type of cooperation existing in modern societies and formal groups. 2.Conflict and cooperation- there are generally considered destructive forces, especially the conflict process but both also fulfill certain function in our society or else the process will oersist competition for one encourages people to exert their best. It stimulates individuals to improve their skills and evidence their knowledge. 3. Differentiation- As individuals they carry with their status or positions in the social system. The status determines the role play in the social situation. As society become more and more complex, roles and function of members in the social system becomes more and more specialized. Differentition role may depend in such factors as sex, age, wealth accumulated and others. References: Reporter: Danilo L. Sorio Jr.

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Just Desserts Theory and the Death Penalty

Just Desserts Theory and the Death Penalty Is the death penalty cruel and unusual punishment without just cause, or is it just desserts? According to the 8th Amendment of the United States Constitution: nor cruel or unusual punishment inflicted. (U.S. Constitution, 1791). It states that no one will be sentenced to a punishment greater than the crime, with a just system in place to ensure other constitutional rights are not infringed upon. I believe capital punishment is justified under the right circumstances. Some may say the capital punishment is cruel, for the reason you are extinguishing a bright, human life. However, is that life so bright if it smothered and snuffed out others? Before exploring the modern day implications of capital punishment, one must understand that the death penalty is as old as law itself. According to the website, the Code of Hammurabi contained the first known death penalty laws (History of the Death Penalty), and that was 1700s B.C. Throughout history, capital punishment has been applied to the most serious crimes according to a civilizations values at the time. Whether its helping slaves escape in the 18th century B.C., or murder in the 21st A.D., humanity has punished criminals with the death penalty for heinous crimes for thousands of years. For Americans, the death penalty is an incredibly controversial issue relating to every citizens constitutional rights. Regardless of which side of the issue you agree with, it is important to recognize the death penalty is only applicable to criminal cases of aggravated murder, treason, kidnapping, and rape, as well as a few other various crimes that vary from state to state (Death Penalty Information Center). One may only be sentenced to death if they have been convicted by a jury of their peers and if they have committed one of the aforementioned crimes. Therefore, their constitutional right to a fair trial, as granted by the 6th Amendment to the Constitution, is never violated (U.S. Constitution, 1791). As well, the death penalty affects the common good of society as a whole. Capital punishment keeps the truly dangerous criminals off the streets and out of the prison system. Those that choose to rape and murder could never hope to ever contribute positively to society, so, why should they live in prison and sponge off of state and federal government funds. In short, capital punishment keeps the general public safe from those that would seek to cause harm and grief. Furthermore, the interaction between these two features of American life is subject to fierce debate. I believe that the common good must come before individual rights, or the needs and safety of the public come before the rights of the individual. Now, this may seem like an alienation of ones rights, but the public is a conglomerate of people with their own rights, the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as outlined by the Declaration of Independence (Declaration of Independence, 1776). So, the question posed is how can a person utilize and live these rights when there are murderers, rapists, and bombers that seek to undermine the safety of the American public. The answer is to apply the death penalty to the most gruesome of crimes and to remove these individuals from the world once and for all, to ensure that no one may ever again fall victim to a heinous or violent crime. Additionally, let us not forget that each of these criminals is entitled due process of law and a fair trial. The scales are tipped in favor of the public as far as rights are concerned. Moreover, I intend to advocate my position by providing dangerous criminals on death row that are the underbelly of society. As well, I will explore the morality and implementation of capital punishment. There is a constitutional principle behind the 8th Amendment: that no on shall receive a punishment greater than the crime committed. This is an apt policy, demonstrating the foresight of our founding fathers. It ensures capital punishment is not doled out for minor crimes such as petty theft or vandalism. Rather, it is reserved for only the most gruesome of crimes. One such gruesome crime was the 2005 murders of Brenda Groene, her boyfriend and son, as well as the kidnapping of Brendas two youngest Shasta and Dylan in Coeur d Alene, Idaho (Joseph Duncan, The perpetrator, convicted felon Joseph Edward Duncan, then proceeded to murder Dylan in the Montana wilderness. As well, after his apprehension by the authorities he was tied to several other murders, one in California and two in Washington. Duncan was given due process of law, and was sentenced to ten consecutive life sentences and the death penalty for seven murders across four states in a ten year time span. The constitutional principle of just punishment was upheld, an eye for an eye. Justice was served in this instance, for if one murders seven others in cold blood, how can they themselves be worthy of life? Inversely, opponents to capital punishment unanimously believe that the punishment is racially biased. They believe this because the majority of prisoners on death row are in fact minorities. However, an independent study conducted by the R.A.N.D. Corporation (Research and Development), in which several separate teams were tasked with determining whether or not race factors into capital punishment (Muhlhausen, The Death Penalty Deters Crime and Saves Lives). They concluded, independently with no inter-team contact, that incases resulting in the death penalty, à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ that decisions to seek the death penalty are driven by characteristics of crimes rather than by race. Furthermore, Prof. Richard Berk of the University of California concluded that cases with a black defendant and white victim or other racial combination are less likely to have a death sentence. (Muhlhausen). In continuation, another primary argument against capital punishment is it costs state and federal governments a great deal to carry out the sentences. They believe this because of constant appeals to convictions and demanded re-trials due to new evidence that cost the courts time and money over the course of decades per inmate. However, in a letter to the editor of the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, Assemblyman Curt Hagman of the California State Assembly observes the people against the death penalty are the ones that are creating the deficits with those very same appeals. (Hagman, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin). In this way, I believe the opposition to capital punishment, groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), is poisoning the public and courts against justice for grisly crimes. The solution to this problem is to take all the time needed the first time around, as well as to gather all possible evidence and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt guilt or innocence, as wel l as limiting appeals to one per inmate. In summary, the death penalty must be applied strictly, quickly, and fairly. By implementing the death penalty, justice can be served for capital crimes such as murder, and the public will be safe from humanitys worst. Also, if we as a nation dispose of all the red tape in the judicial system, the cost for euthanizing inmates will be reduced drastically. The time to act is now. Hundreds of prisoners have sat on death row for 30 years or more, with countless victims and families never seeing justice served. Help set everyones minds at ease and encourage the death penalty. Bibliographies The Declaration of Independence. The Heritage Foundation. 2008. Print Hagman, Curt. Dont End Death Penalty, Streamline It. InlandValley Daily Bulletin. 5 May 2012. Web. 5 Dec. 2012. Muhlhausen, David B. The Death Penalty Deters Crime and Saves Lives. 28 Aug 2007. Web. 29 Nov. 2012. Staff Writer. Crime Punishable by Death. 29 Jan. 2012. Web. 29 Nov. 2012. Staff Writer. History of the Death Penalty. 8 May 2012. Web. 28 Nov. 2012. Staff Writer. Joseph Duncan. 15 Mar. 2011. Web. 11 Dec. 2012. U.S. Constitution. Art./Amend. XI, Sec. 3 U.S. Constitution. Art./Amend. XIII, Sec. 3

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Language, Power and Discourse of Sexuality: The case of Governor McGree

Language, Power and Discourse of Sexuality Foucault asks "What are the links between these discourses, these effects of power, and the pleasures that were invested by them?" (Foucault, 11). In the case of New Jersey governor it seems clear that power, language and pleasure were very much related in his speech on August 13, 2004, in which he announced his resignation, that he had had an affair with a man, and that he was a "gay American." A man in a position of power was both given power and gave power to the general public with his announcement. Consequently he opened up a multiplicity of discourses on the matter ranging from the true reason for his resignation, to the true meaning of the word Gay, to the effects that his coming out would have on the gay community. The case of governor McGreevey showed how language can be powerful, helpful and harming all at the same time, furthering Foucault's suggestion of strong links between discourse, power and pleasure. McGreevey exercises a great deal of power in choosing the things that he says in his speech and even the ways that he says them. He uses his words to benefit him. The majority of the speech sounds like a plea to the people of New Jersey and the American public. He asks for the audience to sympathize by speaking of his struggle and confusion. So, when McGreevey says, "And so my truth is that I am a gay American. And I am blessed to live in the greatest nation with the tradition of civil liberties, the greatest tradition of civil liberties in the world, in a country which provides so much to its people" the audience feels a pathos for him. This statement is a direct call for forgiveness and sympathy, even before they have heard the whole case. It calls for the American ... ...ew Hampshire: University Press of New England, 1996. 119-143. Foucault, Michel. "We 'Other Victorians'" and "The Repressive Hypothesis."The History of Sexuality, Volume I: An Introduction.Trans. Robert Hurley. New York: Vintage, 1980. 3-13, 17-49. Gendar, Alison and Standora, Leo. "Gov's groove no secret around town". New York Daily News Saturday, August 14th, 2004. Huffinton, Arianna. "Drama of New Jersey governor teaches us that to be gay is to be normal". Ariana Online August 16, 2004 Lazarus, Edward. "The Issues Governor McGreevey's Resignation Raises: Stigma, Acceptance, and the Difference Between Legal and Social Change". Thursday, Aug. 19, 2004 "McGreevey: I am a gay American" Santos, Fernanda. "Instant hero in gay community". New York Daily News Friday, August 13th, 2004.

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Kings Argument in A Letter from Birmingham Jail Essay example -- Luth

King's Argument in A Letter from Birmingham Jail In Dr. King's essay 'Letter from Birmingham Jail' he addresses the claims made about his arrest by the eight clergymen. His responses are very long and detailed, giving a very compelling and moving point of view. His letter is directed to his audience, which consists of white middle class citizens who Dr. King refers to as the 'white moderates'. Dr. King's letter is very persuasive because his use of pathos makes the audience think or imagine themselves in the situation. It is very poignant of him to write his letter this way. He is in touch with the views of his audience, which makes a greater impact on his readers. Dr. King uses antecdotes to make his readers see the injustice that would continue if there were no changes. It helps his audience to feel that they are a very powerful part of this issue and that they can make a difference. Dr. King uses imagery in his writing that makes the audience visualize what he has seen. He knows that the white moderates have strong family values, so he reaches out to them by providing stories about children. There is one story about a little girl who has just seen an ad on television and when she asks her father if she can go, he has to look his daughter in the eye and tell her that ?Funtown is closed to colored children?(King 561). He then goes on to explain about how that forces that young child to grow up to feel inferior and to begin to hate because she has darker skin than the other children do. Then there is another story about the family taking a cross-country vacation and having to sleep night after night in the uncomfortable corners of your automobile because motels would not accept colored people (King 561). It ... ...ll of the charges that were brought upon him and he answers them all in full detail and truth. He addresses his audience with honesty and respect, without making his readers feeling like they were being vanquished. Instead they were being made aware of what their actions were doing to society, and that they could make a difference. Dr. King uses a very strong pathos while speaking to his audience. He helps them to see things from his perspective. He uses detailed stories that make the reader feel like they are seeing what is going on. He also uses his ethos to show his respect for the audience, which in turn puts a positive spin on the negativity of the whole situation. Bibliography: Works Cited King, Martin Luther, Jr. ?Letter from Birmingham Jail.? Writing Arguments. Fifth ed. Ed. John Ramage, et al. Boston: Allyn & Bacon, 2001. 558-69.

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Benihana vs Broadway Pizza

Characteristics and Issues| Benihana of Tokyo| Broadway Pizza| Conflicts & Lessons| Competitive Advantage| * Low cost (competitor) * Labor cost * Strategic Marketing * Low waste * Lower overhead| * Use of technology * Family oriented| Rocky Aoki was able to keep labor, food, beverage and facility costs lower than traditional restaurant design using hibachi grills, a new service innovation. This service innovation however, did require higher marketing costs, as the American public had never experienced this dining model.Broadway Pizza viewed their competitive advantage as their ability to combine family oriented robot entertainment and dining under one roof. This turned out not be a competitive advantage as the breakeven costs was too high. | Order Qualifier/ Winners| * Food prepared in front of customer * Community dinning * Cooking was entertainment | * Quality food * Child focused atmosphere * Interactive * Multiple dining locations| The order winners for Benihana are their communi ty dining style, chefs cooking in front of and providing entertainment to patrons.This showed that enjoy eating and being entertained at the same time. This same idea of being entertained while eating defined Broadway Pizza’s order winners as their family focused robotic entertainment drew in patrons. | Competitive Priorities| * Innovative * Cost * Time * Quality (chefs)| * Innovative * Flexibility * Quality * Cost| The competitive priorities for Benihana were to increase efficiency in the traditional restaurant model by using innovation to cut costs i. e.Hibachi and Umbrella drinks and using highly trained skilled labor to ensure customer service. Broadway Pizza also placed competitive priority on innovation by adding robotic entertainment to a family restaurant, however the lesson to be learned is that Broadway pizza innovated for the sake of innovation there was no benefit to the shareholders. Benihana innovated as a cost saving mechanism and increased profits. | Operation s Strategy| * Limited menu * Skilled labor & management * System and service exec. Max utilization * Food prep| * Bring families together * Family menu * Inexpensive entertainment * Variety of entertainment| Benihana operations strategy decreased costs and allowed for maximization of resources while Broadway pizza strategy was to entertain people with a lack of focus on cost metrics. | Mission| * To provide ding and quality entertainment while reducing costs| * Combining robotic entertainment and food service under one roof| The main difference between Benihana and Broadway pizza is the focus on cost.Both wanted to provide a combined dining and entertainment service| Location| * Urban * Metropolitan| * Areas with high and dense family populations| Benihana’s locations were well thought out and planned in large cities with densely populated areas. Building Benihana’s in large cities allowed the staff to assimilate with American’s- and therefore helped with the ap peal and recruiting of Japanese staff. Broadway Pizza did not have a plan for choosing its’ locations, other than driving around and looking for vacated space in family neighborhoods.This led to a much smaller market segment per store. | Service Scape| * Authentic Japanese experience * Novelty Dining * Relaxed atmosphere (umbrella drink)| * Parents enjoy seeing their children happy * Multiple robotic programs to ensure a new experience each visit| Benihana restaurants were decorated by Japanese carpenters using authentic Japanese decor and materials. This provided guests with the sites and ambiance of being in Japan.Additionally, this hibachi communal-style dining was the first of its kind in the US which provided for a novelty restaurant for families, singles, and group gatherings. Offering a limited menu but a variety of drink options leaves the atmosphere to be fun, entertaining and relaxing. Broadway Pizza’s robots were programmed with multiple songs to ensure that a new experience was had during repeat visits. Keeping the entertainment fresh kept children interested, and parents willing to become repeat visitors. |Layout| * Customer flow from bar to dining area * Two hibachi grills next to each other * Small kitchen * Standard design using authentic Japanese materials/artifacts | * Multiple rooms offering unique dining and entertainment * Stressful environment due to low visibility of children * No standard design| Rocky knew that something was wrong when he opened his first Benihana restaurant in regards to layout design. The bar was not big enough to hold waiting customers, but he got it right after the third try and continued the model in the following store openings.Having 2 hibachi grills next to each other allowed for efficient cooking for the chef and quick service for customers. Small kitchens opened up dining space, and the interior being authentic made for a nice atmosphere. BP did not have a standard design for each of it’s location, and always ended up with a stressful environment. With floor to ceiling walls separating â€Å"rooms†, visibility was low and safety a concern. Although the space offered multiple entertaining options, it was not ideal for family togetherness and safety. Job process and design| * Chef controls dining flow * Food prepared before reaching chef * Front men maximize table utilization | * Mangers control technology and food services * Invested in quick serving pizza ovens to ensure customer satisfaction| Each person in BH played a specific role in the flow of customers through the system. The front men greeted and served umbrella drinks, and ensured that groupings of 8 were rounded up and ready to sit-to maximize capacity and utilization.Simple menus made for quick food prep, and prepared for the chef so he could take the cart for more than 1 table and go. BP installed quick cooking pizza ovens reducing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction. What kind of manag ers should be hired for BP? Hospitality or food? A lost vision and identity in this regard made it difficult for staff to have efficient control, while additionally needing a staff person who understands robot technology. Technology and Information Support Systems| * Recruiting and training of staff | * Programmable robots * Arcade games * Quick oven| BH had a strict process for the recruiting and training of its staff, with ads recruiting experienced chefs to go through a specific 15wk training with approved BH teachers. BP was mostly technology based, with arcade games, robot shows (each with multiple programs), and upgraded cooking tools (6min pizzas). This structure required another manager or staff person to focus solely on technology in each store. Organization structure| * Simple management structure * Three man corporate structure * Franchise * Certified chefs| * Complicated corporate structure * Poorly defined roles * Lack of hiring structure| Benihana implemented an organi zational structure that implemented control and focus on specific roles and operated those roles with efficiency to improve cost. Chef’s managed and operated while corporate focused on the big picture. Broadway implemented a complicated structure that was hard to follow and had poorly defined roles which led to a lack of control. Customer Contact , behavior, skills| * Highly interactive * Trained employees to combine skilled labor and defined service management skills * Trained in American culture| * Technology interactive with scheduled shows * Sufficient service management skills| The main focus of Benihana was to provide superior service management from both the front room employees and back room. This provided a full experience from the certified chefs to the experienced support staff. Broadway Pizza developed a strategy to use interactive technology with scheduled shows and service management skills that provided positive customer service scores. Service provider selecti on, development, and empowerment| * Employees certified and trained in American culture * Only Japanese employees * Low turn-over rate * Employees have the ability to be promoted * Chef controls speed of dinner * Front men responsible for table utilization which directing effects bottom line profits| * Did not know what industry to source management candidates from * Specialized robotic technicians * No defined corporate ladder| Based on the success of Benihana, they have created an environment for their employees that stimulate a positive work environment, low turn-over rates and higher utilization rates for the entire company. Broadway Pizza wanted to provide a service for both entertainment and food but from the high turn-over rates and no room for corporation growth, Broadway was unable to recruit the right candidates for the positions. | Recognition and reward| * Real world benefits * Certifications * Work Visa * Education/ Training | * N/A| Having the right recognition for Ben ihana’s employees has kept them from losing qualified chefs through offering visa’s to work and also education opportunities they might not have otherwise had access to.Based on Broadways performance it was clear that they implemented no recognition or rewards which led to the high turn-over rates. | Service Recovery and guarantees| * Guaranteed authentic Japanese atmosphere including building materials and staff * Studied service upsets and used data in creation of new locations| * Guaranteed robotic functionality| Benihana has guaranteed its service based around the authentic Japanese experience with the use of hibachi grills as well as authentic materials and staff. Benihana has also implemented strategies to deal with past difficulties and the use of data to pick correct new locations. Broadway Pizza offers its core strategy which is to offer a dining experience that offers a robotic experience. |

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Education and Essay School Uniforms Essay

SCHOOL UNIFORMS should not be abolished. Schools around the world would not be the same should the rules change. The gap between the rich and the poor widens as rich students will definitely put on their branded clothes to show off their wealth while the students from average-income households might feel inferior as they could not get a chance to experience the luxury. In this essay, I will demonstrate how the wearing of uniform provides us with a powerful sense of unity and gives us better self-restraint. When students are not wearing school uniforms, they may claim that their daily clothes are more comfortable then school uniforms. However not all students are as fortunate as others. Those who can afford more expensive clothing will certainly mock those who are not as rich as themselves. This will cause much discrimination against the poor students. With wearing school uniforms there is no need to figure out what to wear every day and there is more concentration on academics. Instead of competing over who is wearing what, there is more focus on the daily school work. In many cases, girls try to dress provocatively or to outdo one another. Using school uniforms takes away these distractions. Moving on to my second point, uniforms make the school more secure. Should all the students wear their own clothes, it would be much easier for a terrorist, to enter the school. If the whole school wear different clothes, sneaking into the school will be incredibly easy for a terrorist to enter. Wearing uniforms dramatically reduce the school’s security risks. The guards will not have to check all the students if school uniforms are worn. The wide array of colours and designs of clothes that students put on act as a source of distraction. Their colour combinations become topics of discussion among students that they lose concentration over their studies. Students will then become very concerned about their peers’ wear. There is not really a need to look fabulous in school. Schools are places for studying not a fashion show. School uniforms can abolish all the fanciful thoughts, allowing the students to be able to focus during lesson time. All this shows that abolishing school uniforms will prove useless. As a conclusion, wearing school uniforms gives the students a variety of benefits, the most prominent being the sense of unity instilled in the students who wear school uniforms, the security benefits and the sense of self-restraint. The abolishing of school uniforms will not help. In my opinion, school uniforms should not be abolished.

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Insanity and Diminished Responsibility Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Insanity and Diminished Responsibility - Essay Example abnormality of the mind ( R v Byrne ); drug personality disorder (Celebici Trial); involuntary intoxication ( R v Galbraith) ; mental weakness and low intelligence ( Lord Dea's decision ) ; minority ( R v Raven ); physical deformities such as blindness and being a deaf-mute ( R v Pritchard). In the treatise "Partial Defences To Murder" more mitigating factors are added i.e. sufficient provocation by the offended party ( R v Smith ); immediate vindication of a grave offence to himself or his relatives (Table 7); Incomplete self-defence where there is no reasonable necessity of the means employed by the culprit (R v Martin); passion or obfuscation (Case 113); disease or injury (Note 17); jealousy, mercy killing, depression, relationship of victim to the accused (Table 7). The list goes on and on. Insanity is a plea or defence by which the accused at the time of the commission of the act, "was laboring under such a defect of reason, arising from a disease of the mind, as not to know the nature and quality of the act he was doing or, if he did know it, that he did not know that what he was doing was wrong (The M'Naghten Rules). Insanity totally exempts the culprit from criminal liability unless he does it during a lucid interval. If so, he is wholly liable for the crime unless there are mitigating factors attending the crime. Diminished Respons... 2 Diminished Responsibility is defined as a plea or defence in which the accused at the moment of the commission of the crime suffers from some "form of mental unsoundness or mental aberration or weakness of mind", so much so that his "mind is so affected that responsibility is diminished from full responsibility to partial responsibility" ( HM Advocate v Savage). Comparison and Contrast 1. Both insanity and diminished responsibility are mental states. In insanity, there is a mental disorder or a mental disease which causes the deranged person to be deprived completely of reason, discernment or freedom of the will at the time of the commission of the crime. In insanity, there is an absence in the agent of crime of any of all the conditions that would make an act voluntary. On the other hand, in diminished responsibility, there is a mental debility or aberration of the mind or a temporary mental capacity or a temporary mental impairment (Scottish Law Commission 2). Here, there is some degree of reason, discernment or freedom of the will albeit such is beclouded and weakened by the presence of any of the mitigating factors hereinabove mentioned. 2. Insanity totally exempts the offender from criminal liability because the insane person is totally deprived , at the time of the performance of the crime, of discernment or reason or intelligence and is unable to distinguish between right or wrong. In diminished responsibility, as a rule, there is no exemption from criminal liability but there is instead a mitigation or extenuation of criminal responsibility

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Toyota Motor Corporation -with the reference to the key principles and Essay

Toyota Motor Corporation -with the reference to the key principles and approaches of business ethics, critically evaluate its performance - Essay Example (Company Description, April 2009) Ethics stands for a discipline which provides a framework for considering what is good or bad in relation to basic principles of morality (Baker D., 2009). Whereas business ethics on the other hand stands for right and wrong in context of the business world along with its principles and practices (Baker D., 2009). A business entity does not function in segregation from the society; in fact it is an integral part of the social environment. Therefore ethics play an important role in its relations to the other stake holders from the society, like customers, suppliers, workers, government, etc. It is being alleged in automotive circles especially in context of the US market that Toyota pays its workers much less than what the Big Three of US auto i.e. Chrysler, Ford and General Motors pay their workers. This is an area of contention for Toyota. An organization like Toyota has a considerable part of its operations in manufacturing. In this era of global warming and climate change, environment friendliness of a company’s manufacturing processes also fall within the realm of its core values and basic ethical philosophy. How the company is performing can be found out by relating it in context of different ethical theories. Moral theories on are segmented into three basic types: teleological theories, deontological theories and virtue-based theories. The basic premise of this theory is that ethical behavior is goal oriented. This approach says that entities are in dilemma while choosing a particular course of action in terms of achieving a goal. Morality lies in the chosen action’s negative or positive properties. If an action is chosen which has negative connotations, the theory then points it out to be amoral and when the opposite or positive connotation is prevalent, the theory points it out as moral. It is the consequence of the actions or approaches chosen , which is termed important teleological theories.

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PTSD sources analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

PTSD sources analysis - Essay Example Some people overcome this problem over time while others continue to be affected in their lifetime. Veterans especially Army and firefighters are the majority group likely to get PTSD. It has been found that people involved in combat situations are highly likely to have mental health problems due to what they encounter. After surviving in combat zones, many veterans have been seeking help in mental health care to overcome PTSD. However, they receive little or no medical attention for their life after they leave the army.4 Some of the problems that soldiers are forced to live with include anxiety, stress, and nightmares while others take their life after failing to get the necessary attention to PTSD. Because of this reason, the Veteran Affairs, set aside 300 million dollars for veteran mental health, but not all this amount will be spent.5 In fact, The Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report that faults the â€Å"Department of Veterans’ Affairs for failing to fully spend a promised $300 million since 2005 to fill gaps in mental illness treatment for veterans and returning troops.†6 The lack of support system in places of mental health care is due to lack of qualified medical professionals and resources.7 Moreover, there is lack of qualified mental health professionals in the field of mental health specializing in the recognition and treatment of PTSD. For example, many troops and veterans have not been screened for neurological and psychological injuries due to lack of physicians and inadequate medical screening process.8 A report published in Jan 2009 by the organization IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America) states â€Å"Instead of screening troops through a face to face interview with a qualified mental health professionals, the DOD relies on an ineffective system of paper work to conduct mental health evaluations.†9 The report also mentions, â€Å"Mental health support for troops in Iraq is actually declining;

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Tenn-Tech Plc Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Tenn-Tech Plc - Case Study Example The situation demands a prompt and a proactive action from the top management. Hence it is vital to bring in a new management accounting approach that is more in consonance with the prevalent developments and circumstances. Resorting to throughput accounting seems to be just the right approach for Tenn-Tech Plc in the existing scenario. However, this is easier said then done. This calls for a total paradigm shift on the part of the key players and the stakeholders at Tenn-Tech Plc. It is imperative for the top echelons of power at Tenn-Tech Plc to be cognizant of the marked shift in their perception that an adherence to a new management accounting system will call for. Throughput accounting will not be merely an another management accounting system, but will be in fact an entire new way in which the organization under consideration will be required to perceive itself and its role in the global market scenario ("Throughput Accounting" 67). The basic fault with the activity-based costing system that till now was being resorted to by Tenn-Tech Plc is that it believes that the efficiencies yielded by the changes wrought in the localized factors within the company, be it the marketing department, manufacturing or any other section, will automatically lead to enhanced over all efficiencies (Corbett 38). That is why the directors and the top management are wasting their strength, time and efforts in criticizing and finding faults with the individual local sections wi thin the company. While the Financial Director seems to be at loggerheads with the Marketing Director, the Chief Executive Boris Barker has already given way to a serious labour problem with the aid of the Management Accountant Huggenkis, both of them being guided by their obsession for covering the unreasonable overheads. No doubt such moves appear to be narrowly reactionary in their approach, rather then being all inclusive and visionary. The basic fault with the management accounting system at Tenn-Tech Plc is that it is based on the fundamental premise that for an organizational chain to be really strong, it is a must that all the links in it be really sturdy and tough (Corbett 41). This definitely sounds good, but is surely not true in a real life scenario.Throughput accounting is an alternative approach to management accounting that holds that the eventual strength of an organizational chain is determined by the strength of the weakest link in that chain (Corbett 41). This app roach towards management accounting is based on the theory of constraints proposed by E.M. Goldratt in his novel The Goal. This approach will conclusively address the dilemma being faced by Tenn-Tech Plc, which is how to design a more efficient management accounting system. According to throughput accounting, the notion of allocating costs to products, which was till now being adhered to by Tenn-Tech Plc is inherently faulty and invariably leads to wrong decisions. As interpreted and suggested by the theory of constraints, Tenn-Tech needs to be viewed as a system that consists of several individual and interdependent elements. Thus the primary task before Tenn-Tech is to be conversant with the constraints existing within this system. According