Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Health Promotion Teaching Plan Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Health Promotion Teaching Plan - Research Paper Example at the rules stipulated in the memo can be reviewed and a thorough checking be conducted in order to ensure that the students have obeyed them to the letter. The historical exercise of â€Å"hands on† teaching in healthcare professions, whereby students learn through practice on real stress reduction strategies, diet and exercise under supervision, may not be justifiable as the principal model for preparing healthcare experts. This challenge could be aggravated by the advance of directed health plans; patients paying for their own healthcare may refuse to serve as â€Å"teaching material,† the price traditionally paid for receiving care at a teaching hospital or public clinic. Consequently, real people with wellness problems are needed to avoid of caregivers shortages under such situations ( Riley, 2008). The instructor will listen to how the other nursing students respond to a given incident and provide guidance where needed. The observational notes will be look over during the next class with all students. Nursing students learn in two ways, through text books, and by being in a hospital environment, which allows them to familiarize themselves with real life situations; as such, the lesson provide a way for the students to practice in an environment that is comparable to a real life situation. This will better prepare the students for their upcoming healthcare nursing studies (Loyd, Lake, & Greenberg, 2004). The main challenge faced by nursing students is that they are not familiar with carrying out proper procedures during circumstances that are covered in their textbooks, and it is for that reason that nursing students need to be able to have a way to practically apply the proper procedures of the medical field’s practices, especially in health and wellbeing. The practice of using role-playing scenarios at random throughout a course of study considerably helped students to be prepared to act on any situation as if they were in a real situation ( Sanchez,

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